Hey guys – remember when I used to post a bunch of random things together??? Let’s do that again.

I am super excited for our neighbors. They’re pregnant (having a little boy – squeee!!!). I knew she was due around the beginning of June and I vaguely remember her telling me that her doctor wasn’t going to let her go past June 5th, so I’ve been watching their house like a hawk. I noticed their primary car was gone late Sunday afternoon, but thought that perhaps they were enjoying a last hurrah. Then, like a weirdo, I checked after the dumpling’s 2am nursing session to find that their car was still gone. YAYAYAYAY!!! BABY TIME!!!

Sure enough, their car is still gone today, but I’m hoping that they come home today so I can catch a glimpse of them as they arrive. I swear I’m not a stalker I’m just so excited for them and their new baby! It has me all nostalgic for my own last few days of pregnancy and our first days at home with the dumpling.

Speaking of the dumpling, tomorrow he has his first splash day at daycare. Splash day is every Wednesday throughout summer and I seriously might pass out from the adorableness. I got him little swim trunks and a swim shirt and a little sun protection hat. PICTURE IT. Itty bitty 6 mo swim trunks!!! So cute!

I’m buckling down on my weight loss efforts. My baby is seven months old – I can no longer say I just had a baby. It’s odd, in a way, because it’s been so long since I’ve actively tried to lose weight. That’s not meant as some humble brag – har har har – I legitimately have been at the level of fitness that I desired for a very long time. “Dieting” for me was more of a oh, I ate a bunch of crap this weekend and feel so bloated so I’ll eat really well for a couple of days and voila!! So I’m trying to cement it in my head that this will probably take more than a couple of days.

I was actually feeling pretty good about myself until we went to my parent’s house for Memorial Day. I didn’t even eat that poorly, I just had a lot of champagne (what can I say, my mom and I both love champagne). And alas, all of those bubbles add up to definitely more than air. Le boo.

Speaking of Memorial Day, we had a great time in my hometown! It was the dumpling’s second flight (remember the first one??) and he did amazingly well this time too. This trip was his first time spending the night someplace else. I was a touch concerned, but vowed to just take it in stride. He reverted back to two night wakings, one normal and one out of the ordinary. I think the out-of-the-ordinary one was more due to him being aware that he was not in his own room and thus made it hard for him to go back to sleep in the early morning hours (around 5:30am). Overall though, he still did really well.

It was also really interesting to see his waketimes be affected because of his completely new environment. He was so busy observing and figuring things out that he’d be ready for a nap about an hour and a half after he woke up (he’s solidly in two-hour waketimes right now). It mostly meant he was a yo-yo of happy baby, tired baby. Poor dumpling.

Another first for the books – we went swimming! And here is when I really struggle with my decision not to post pictures of him because he was SOOOO ADORABLE. My mom, who was super excited about us coming, went out and got him a little floaty thing. One of these. He was very wary at first (and I don’t blame him – the pool is a lot bigger than his bath tub), but he warmed right up to it. He even paddled his little feet the entire time. He was exhausted afterwards, but I think he enjoyed it.

Lastly, that book I had on hold at the library, it actually became available much earlier. I read it last week and, honestly, I wasn’t impressed. I really like some of Rainbow Rowell’s other books, but this one wasn’t great. At one point, I honestly thought the writing was bad on purpose (the whole premise from her book Fangirl is that this book, Carry On, Simon is fan-fiction), but, after reading her acknowledgements, I realized that wasn’t the case. I can definitely see why most authors stick to specific genre. Rowell is really good with contemporary stories, little dramas that take place in current day. She was not adept at creating a world, however, as her descriptions of things like dragons or the magic in the book fell a little flat. Also, if you’ve read Fangirl, I oddly connected with the characters in her fan-fic (Simon and Baz, who are the main characters here – I know, it’s a little hard to follow) more deeply as presented there, in little snippets. For some reason, that did not translate to a whole book and they felt one-dimensional.

Anyway, read it if you can borrow it and were curious about, but I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

And that’s all I have folks! Along with trying to lose some weight, I’m also really trying to get better about posting but, you know, work and life gets in the way. Excuses, excuses.


Happy Holidays!

It’s our first Christmas with the dumpling. He won’t remember it, of course, but there are a few presents under the tree for him.

(I’m currently enjoying a blissful moment of peace as he’s taking an extended nap in his swing.)

He had his two-month check up at 8 weeks this past Tuesday. He weighed 10 lbs 1 oz and I was astounded to realize that it meant he’s gained four pounds since coming home from the hospital. Four pounds! He’s also now measuring 22.5 inches long which puts him solidly in 3 month footed jammies. His legs are so long he’s actually even stretching those out, although he can still wear a lot of his NB onesies since those don’t have the legs.

Luffy and I have finally crossed the threshold of newborn days. We now look at our son with wonder and love and joy – marveling at his little nommable cheeks and trying to get him to smile for us. That probably sounds pretty harsh – I mean the dumpling is almost two months old! Are we implying that we didn’t love him before this???? you ask. Well no, we loved him. We just didn’t like him very much, as the saying goes. He was a chore, a task, a worry, and sometimes a fear. The newborn days are just so very, very hard. And while he’s still considered a newborn, at two months, we’re at least to the point where there’s a little give from him. He recognizes us and will smile for us. He’s actually started to be soothed by my presence, which I longed for earlier. His happy awake times are starting to outnumber his fussy awake times. We’re becoming more confident in caring for him. Plus, he’s started actually going to sleep on his own sometimes which is a MAJOR milestone for us. Praise the baby sleep gods!!

Oh – he’s awake! Sorry guys, gotta run. My dumpling calls. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Moments to be thankful for

I’m currently swaying back and forth in my kitchen. Little Dumpling is wrapped up tight to my chest and he’s sleeping soundly. He was fussing, but I wrapped him up and turned some music on. He quieted down. Then Luffy and I got to sing him a song that means so much to me. And he just looked up at us, wide eyed. 

I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it. I always said I would sing it to my child instead of lullabies. And now I have. And he enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it too. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

I’m Back!! *coughwheezehack*

First order of business: Happy New Year!

And also: A Belated Merry Christmas!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday week. Ours was pretty good except that I was really, really sick for the entire time – wah wah – so that put a damper on things.

My parents came into town Thursday evening and we enjoyed a delicious meal (Chinese Braised Short Ribs) and some drinks (champagne, of course). I woke up on Christmas morning at a ridiculous 5am, wide awake, and chalked it up to Christmas excitement, but I didn’t feel quite right. My chest hurt a bit. By 7am, I was exhausted, but thought it was because I had been up since 5. All day I sort of wavered between am I starting to get sick or maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep or maybe my beloved champagne has, for the first time ever, left me with a champagne hangover. When I got up Saturday, to teach my normal exercise class, I felt well-rested but sure that I was coming down with something. blugh

think it started out as something viral, maybe a short cold or mild case of the flu (since I’ve had a shot), but it quickly morphed into a hellish sinus infection. By the time I caught on to the fact that it was a sinus infection, it was far too late. I visited my doctor and got the appropriate meds, but the pressure was unbearable. I was technically supposed to work Monday through Wednesday, but kept having to call email in sick. They probably think I caught some horrible case of pneumonia or something, rather than an extended bought of skull-crushing sinus pressure and serious fatigue.

Anyway, I’m finally feeling better, but it did shorten all of our holiday plans. My mom and I couldn’t do much of the baking we had planned and I had to rely on her to make many of the meals. We did get to see Star Wars, but only because we purchased the tickets a week in advance AND I took a two hour nap beforehand AND Luffy had us bring two cars so that he and I could leave early if I needed. Our New Years plans were very quiet – we had my brother and a couple of friends over to our house for champagne. Luffy’s also been so sweet, taking care of me for the past week. He’s made all of my meals and basically forced me to nap and lay on the couch until I felt better.

So I hope your holidays were a tad bit better than mine! Although, tbh, I can’t complain all that much since I still got to see my parents and enjoy some family time.

Of Christmas and colds

Where to begin… Honestly I can’t even update right now because I’m home sick, curled up on the couch watching Friends and trying not to move much. I had that first tickle of illness on Christmas Day and I’ve been going downhill ever since. Here’s to hoping that gallons of water, ramen soup, a warm bath, and a near endless supply of chocolate chip cookies will help me kick this virus. 

Counting down the days

That’s me. That’s what I’m doing right now. I technically have three two and a half days of work left and I am already so over them it’s not even funny. I am done. DONE I TELL YOU. I keep making comments about “working” from home the rest of the week, but my coworkers laugh and I try to pretend I was joking.

It didn’t help that I got in this morning and everyone in my office was being all productive and shit. Didn’t y’all get the memo about Christmas being this week!! I swear the admin sent it out on Friday….

Alack and alas, I have two and a half days to appear productive. To get up in the morning and put pants on. To not eat one or all of the 1,325,749 cookies/sweets/snacks we have in our kitchen at work right now. True story*.

I’ve already planned the menu for this weekend with my parents. There will be braised short ribs and sous vide steak and morning bread pudding (with caramel!). There will be chocolate chip cookies and linzer cookies and brownies. There will be champagne and wine and whiskey. There will be Star Wars! There will be so many, many delicious thing and so many, many wonderful moments and I want them all RIGHTNOW.

*My office is very small. We have fourteen people who are routinely in the office. And all of our vendors and business contacts seem to forget this during the holiday season. We get cookie baskets with cookies for literally 50 people. We get actual trunks filled with crackers and cheeses and meats and chocolates. We get candy and toffee and more cookies no more than that. And many places will send something to each of our three partners – and all of that winds up in the kitchen. So we have three baskets of cookies and three trunks of snacks and fourteen boxes of toffee since they sent one to every person in the office. There is probably a metric ton of sugar in our kitchen right now, just waiting to be eaten and turned into those four or five pounds of “holiday weight” we all struggle to lose each year. There is no hope! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES…. or at least for your hip and thigh region.