I’m Alive!

Seriously. Remember my last post… about baby’s first cold and how he gave it to me and how I was kind of miserable. Yeah. So I wrote that last Thursday. I was ok. Not great, but ok. Then Friday came and hit me like a truck. When I walked into work, my coworker legit greeted me with “you sound like death.” He then made me turn around and go find a clinic to see a doctor that very morning. (I had been planning on visiting a clinic on Saturday because I couldn’t get in to see my own doctor on Friday.) Anyway, saw the doctor at a clinic. Got an antibiotic for the upper respiratory infection and they gave me a steroid shot. A wonderful, glorious steroid shot that allowed me to breathe! Hallelujah!

By Saturday afternoon the steroid shot had worn off. By around 5 on Saturday I was having trouble swallowing liquids because there was absolutely zero air passing through my nasal cavities. (Have you ever tried to drink water with your nose plugged… it’s not easy.) Afrin saved me and I was able to sleep through the night decently. But then Sunday came and the congestion came back and then Afrin stopped working and I thought I would die a miserable, congested death.

And then I had a violent allergic reaction.

Because I was not dealing with enough health related misery.

So Sunday evening – Luffy and I had put the dumpling to bed and I was whining about how miserable I was. Luffy had gone to the store for some soup for dinner, which was warming on the stove. He was massaging my sinuses (from the outside, of course) and my eyes were watering because, again, nothing was moving through my nasal cavities. My sinuses felt so much better once he was done and we sat down to dinner. Right after we finished eating, I realized my eyes were kind of itchy…. And, you know, the left one feels a little… puffy. I hopped up to go look in the mirror and saw two strange bumps, almost like water balloons, on my lower lid. Weird. I joked to Luffy about – oh great, more weirdness. Then I continued eating my kimchi. About ten minutes later, I realized that the puffiness was distracting now and hopped up to check out the mirror again. To my horror, the little balloons had swelled up and were expanding – rapidly. I started to get a little nervous and put a warm cloth over my face, thinking it was clogged ducts or something. That seemed to make it worse, which was when I timidly went out to Luffy and asked him what I should do. It was 8pm on a Sunday, but I needed to see a doctor.

We found one of those stand-alone ER’s (that I actually drive past all the time and always laugh that it’s smack dab in the middle of my little suburb) and I made my way there. Luffy had to stay home with the dumpling. Luckily, it was fairly quiet and I made it there just fine. It took the doctor all of two seconds to diagnose an allergic reaction. He sent me on my way with prescription eye drops, as that was about the only thing he could do for me (antihistamines are not generally good for breastfeeding moms as they dry up supply).

Honestly, I would say today (Wednesday) is the first day that my eyes look normal. Even Monday, when the extreme swelling had gone down, my eyes were still puffy and even my cheek bones looked swollen. My eyes are still itchy and I’m paranoid about touching them.

We have no idea what caused the reaction. I hadn’t gone anywhere all day. I probably had coconut oil on my hands, but we’ve been using it as a moisturizer for the dumpling for about a month. Thus, it’s unlikely that I would have made it this long without having a reaction to it if I was allergic. Luffy had gone to the store, but we’re pretty sure he washed his hands. I’m hoping that it was a fluke – some perfect storm of hormonal changes and medications and just the right trigger.

So I am finally feeling a little better all around. It only took me three weeks. Sheesh.