The Newborn Chronicles – 5w6d

So. I believe you know that Little Dumpling was in the breech presentation… I might have mentioned it once or twice or three hundred times. Not only did that lead to my c-section, it also meant that Little Dumpling could potentially have hip problems. I refused to look into this because I know what happens when you turn to Dr Google. Despair. Doom. Death. No thank you. I just kept my fingers crossed that he wasn’t in frank breech presentation, the one likeliest to cause problems.

As it turns out, he was. This meant that his legs were extended, feet up by his head. Our pediatrician ordered an ultrasound of his hips be performed around 6 weeks of age. We had that ultrasound this morning.

That, in and of itself, was fun. Have you ever tried to keep a newborn still when he doesn’t want to be still? It’s like wrestling a greased pig. To add further challenges, they needed images when he was “relaxed” – meaning not active. Lolz. It took us probably half an hour, along with rejected pacifiers, a touch of sugar water (I didn’t really want to use this so I barely dabbed the pacifier in it), and our trusty white noise app. To my untrained ears, the radiologist kept going back and forth between “no problem” and “problem.” They eventually got all the images they needed and sent us on our way. Unfortunately, they’ll send the report to our pediatrician and we don’t have another appointment for two weeks. I’m not sure if they’ll call us earlier with the results, although I do plan to give them a call tomorrow to find out!

After the ultrasound appointment, Luffy asked me what could be wrong – what were they looking for? Since I don’t know myself, I had to turn to google. Apparently the biggest concern for little breech babies is developmental dysplasia of the hip. Basically it means that his movement was restricted in the womb, thus the hip might not have developed normally. It can cause an unstable hip, which leads to problems walking and, in the worst cases, the hip dislocates. There are varying degrees of course. Most cases remedy themselves as the child grows. In more severe cases, a brace is required to hold the hip in the socket as the child grows. In the most severe cases, surgery is required to repair the hip joint.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all looks good! I really can’t imagine keeping him in a brace for six to twelve weeks (it would be anchored at his shoulder and basically hold his knee up by his shoulder – can you imagine?!). And I really, really can’t imagine my sweet baby boy undergoing surgery. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, we’re slowly coming through the Wonder Week. He’s much more alert now, for longer periods of time. I think his fussiness has decreased a tad. A touch. Maybe? He also gave us his first toothless smile yesterday morning! It was gorgeous and just as wonderful as I imagined. Of course, he was smiling at his daddy and wouldn’t return the smile to me – the one who is sustaining him merely through the power of mah boobs – but that’s ok. I’m not jealous or anything.

We went to Luffy’s parents’ house for lunch yesterday; our first time since the dumpling was born. I had to joke about my major demotion in status. You see, when I was pregnant, Luffy’s parents basically skipped right over greeting him and would immediately come to me, seeing how I was doing, ushering me in, sitting me down. No though. No such reception. Both Luffy and I were passed over completely as his parents swooped in to greet the dumpling. They immediately wanted him out of the car seat and took turns carrying him around their house. As a new mother, it was both adorable and infuriating. I kept telling myself to relax, after all, they raised Luffy and he’s just fine. What can I say, it’s been just me and the dumpling for six weeks! After we ate lunch, they wanted to run by Luffy’s aunt’s house (where his grandparents live as well) to show off the baby boy. We couldn’t turn them down so off we went to show off our precious little one.

And I think that’s about it for now. As I’ve mentioned before – the days are long and boring and exhausting and precious as I care for this little guy.