What a week!

Man, it has been a busy and boring week.

That’s kind of the funny part about taking care of a newborn that they don’t really tell you. It’s a tad boring. He eats, he poops, he needs a diaper change, he fights sleep tooth and nail, but then he does sleep. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Roughly every three hours. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Variances to the routine are usually not pleasant (see gas pains or overtired, cranky baby). We get about half an hour right now of happy alert time, which is fun! I walk him around the house and show him the birds outside. We pet the cat. We get kisses from daddy. Then we go back down for a nap.

My entire day hinges upon how well he naps. You see, when he doesn’t get more than about 14 hours of sleep a day, he is not pleasant. He is cranky and inconsolable and rather screechy, to be honest. It wouldn’t be a problem if he just went to sleep like a reasonable human being. But no. He fights sleep like he’s gonna miss out on something awesome. The dumpling has serious FOMO. Tricks I’ve found so far to put him out (without nursing cause that’s our nighttime secret weapon):

  • White noise – specifically the “in utero” setting of our baby sleep app
  • Vacuuming while wearing him
  • Wearing him in general, although not always cause he again fights me and he’s rather strong for being such a peanut
  • Rocking him at speeds that I think might possibly border on abuse (I mean, the guy really likes it so I don’t know, maybe I’m raising a daredevil)
  • Walks outside, but only on Tuesdays
  • and my ultimate trump card: car rides

I’m very fortunate in that car rides put him to sleep. Thus, when he’s been screaming and fighting his nap for hours and I need a break – into the car we go! Momma gets to drive around in peace (and usually I get to actually drink some water or have a small snack – it’s blissful) and dumpling gets his much needed nap.

We’re slowly figuring him out though, getting a little better at soothing, a little more confident. He’ll be four weeks old tomorrow and officially a month old on Friday. Thanksgiving is going to be pretty low key. My parents are coming in to town. My mom’s actually driving in today because she wants extra newborn snuggles. My dad’s coming in Wednesday. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, although it will be a little less exciting this year. (My mom and I always bake, for instance, but we probably won’t get to do much of that with the little dumpling hanging around. We also believe in the open-the-wine-at-noon rule for the day, but since I’m nursing around the clock, I should probably not do that.)

Still though. It’s going to be fun. I had a surreal moment yesterday evening. Luffy happened to ask if we needed extra chairs for the day. We both paused and then said no, there were only going to be six of us. And then I stopped and realized that no, there were seven of us. It’s no longer just Luffy and me, party of two – we’ve been upgraded to party of three!