Two Weeks and Change!

Little Dumpling is two weeks, two days old!

We’re slowly getting the hang of this parenting business, settling into a new routine of round-the-clock feedings and diaper changes. We’re still working the nights in shifts right now and I expect that to continue for a while. My hope is that by about four or six weeks, Luffy and I can go back to sleeping in the same bed, with me just waking as Little Dumpling does to nurse. But we’ll see. Right now, Little Dumpling seems to like having a mini party around 3am with Luffy and takes a couple of hours to settle back down into sleep. We know he’s tired, he just won’t go to sleep. Newborns! They don’t make any sense sometimes!

I’ve gotten out of the house several times this week, to run short errands. It’s so refreshing to get out and drive and perform little tasks like that. Of course, having a newborn in tow makes everything take that much longer. It takes me at least half an hour to get out of the house. And then of course, once we’re there, there’s the loading and unloading of the car seat. I’ve come to find that I adore my choice of stroller system right now (light weight, folds well, perfect for zipping around Target). I also have a Moby wrap, which I can’t wait to try out of the house, but we haven’t really gone anywhere to warrant the effort yet. (It’s just so easy to plop his car seat down into the stroller frame!)

Our life is also slowly resuming as well! Our birthdays were this week (Luffy and I have birthdays just two days apart, if I haven’t mentioned). My brother and his fiance are coming by this weekend to celebrate. Then we have plans next Friday for a Friendsgiving of sorts. We fully plan to go, with the little in our Moby wrap, as long as everyone attending is healthy. That will be the challenge, ensuring that everyone there is perfectly healthy. However, if we do get to go, I’m hoping to finally have some champagne again! Woo!

Speaking of champagne, I always thought I’d want some immediately after giving birth. Like, push out the little dumpling and someone hand me a flute! Cheers! Oddly enough though, I haven’t had much interest. My mom and I picked up a mini bottle (one of those little 1/4 bottles), intending to share it on her last night. We didn’t get the chance, but I also wasn’t too excited to break into it. Part of it is the uncertainty of nursing (I never know right now, especially in the evenings, if he’ll want to nurse again in an hour or two – honestly it would be easier to enjoy the champagne if I had it during the morning since that’s a much more predictable time!). The other half is that I, very wisely for once, recognized that alcohol is a depressant and that as much anxiety as I was having, it wouldn’t be good for me to indulge. So good for me, for putting my mental health above all else.

So yeah – that’s life right now! Shift work in the evenings. Trying to make sure a certain tiny human sleeps when he’s supposed to. Trying to find our new normal.