A Brief Respite

I walked out of my office yesterday with an effervescent pop in my step. I worked my butt off all week trying to put my team into a good place in my absence. The hours positively flew by each day as I would look at the clock for the first time all day around 4 or 4:30. Then suddenly it was Friday evening and I was packing up my computer and a few personal items from my desk. Many people stopped by my desk, wishing me luck and good health and making me promise to update them. Then I walked out of my office, trying to wrap my head around the fact that I wouldn’t walk back in for another three months, at least for professional reasons.

For now, I’m looking at a bit of a three-day weekend. Monday I have some pre-op work at the hospital (and I need to vote!). I need to do laundry this weekend and clean the house a bit. We have a few other one-off errands as we prepare for the impending arrival of Little Dumpling. And then…. and then Tuesday. The day our lives change forever.