Stubborn baby boy

Welp. My version was yesterday morning. Spoiler: the procedure wasn’t successful.

Luffy and I got up as usual on Tuesday morning, grabbed our hospital bag, gave Jas her medicine, and headed towards the hospital. We were dismayed to find the check in desk was closed (even though the sign clearly said they open at 7am and half an hour past). However, we were completely surprised when my mom stepped out from the hallway! She drove in Monday night, apparently, and had stayed at a nearby hotel to surprise us. She said she wanted to be here for the procedure just in case something went wrong and Little Dumpling made an early appearance. Having her here was very comforting and I so appreciated her presence.

After we exchanged hugs, we happened to meet a nurse who was more than happy to take us back to the L&D desk (behind locked doors of course) so that I could check in. Once the paperwork was complete, I was shown to a delivery room so that I could change into an exceedingly sexy hospital gown (I am very short, so the gown positively swallowed me from neck to ankle). I was then hooked up to fetal monitors and given an IV. My doctor came in to check on me and the process. An ultrasound tech came in to pinpoint Little Dumpling’s position for my doctor and the procedure began!

If anyone out there is wondering how an external version feels…. it is uncomfortable to say the least. I hate to use the word painful, because there were only a few moments of actual pain. There was mostly a lot of unrelenting pressure. My doctor tried four times before we called it quits. He managed to move him a bit, but never past horizontal. My doctor kept me for two hours after the procedure for monitoring, to make sure that Little Dumpling continued to do well.

I have to give a lot of credit to Luffy. He was amazing during the procedure, trying to keep me calm and giving me a focal point. He held my hand and kissed my forehead. He told me he was proud of me and made sure that I was really ok with another attempt and another attempt. He was fantastic.

While the procedure was unsuccessful and fairly uncomfortable, the highlight of the morning, for me at least, was getting to hear Little Dumpling’s heartbeat for three whole hours. I was hooked up to fetal monitors the entire time (excluding the procedure itself) and we got to listen to his heart rate rise and fall. He didn’t like the monitors very much and kicked them a few times, which was hilarious. At one point during the monitoring afterwards, he got hiccups, which the monitors picked up. It was so funny to hear the rhythmic hiccups over the speakers. (It was also pretty crazy to see them. I can usually see them a bit, but, because my uterus was relaxed due to medication, yesterday’s hiccups were huge movements.)

Today I am sore and tender, but Little Dumpling seems to be doing just fine. I am coming to terms with a c-section, as it is highly unlikely that he’ll flip in the next two weeks. I’ll continue to visit the chiropractor for Webster adjustments and I’ll keep doing most of the recommendations from Spinning Babies. At this point though, I just want him out safely. In the meantime, it is a bit exciting to be able to look forward to an actual day – just two short weeks away! Two more weeks of pregnancy. Two more weeks before Little Dumpling makes his grand arrival.