The WAIT WHAT Milestone

That’s right folks – I have reached the point in my pregnancy where I nonchalantly answered someone’s inquiry as to how much time I have left:

“Four weeks. I have four weeks until my due date, although three weeks if this little guy is still breech and we have to go in and get him.”

… and then promptly lost my cool.


Four weeks can’t be right. And don’t even get me started on three. That is crazy talk right there. Surely there are more weeks in October, right? I mean, October is a long month. Surely there are like five weeks left or something. Maybe like 40 days?

And then I did some math and realized that yes, 40 minus 36 DOES still equal four and, ipso facto, there are just four weeks left until my due date. Which also means that there can only be three weeks until my c-section date since that’s scheduled a week before my due date.

Stupid math.

I cooled down a bit until later that night, when I was trying to get to sleep. Of course, the enormity of only having three weeks left before we meet our son…. of only having three weeks left of it being just Luffy and I…. of only having three weeks left before there will be a small human in the world who will depend on me for literally every need….. yeah, all of that just HIT me. Cartoon style. WHABAM! It was only by some miracle (aka – the fact that I am verrrry pregnant and thus verrrry tired) that I managed to fall asleep through that nonsense.

Now, granted, I’m hoping he’s turned and I will be allowed to go into labor naturally and will (hopefully) get another week or so on top of those three, BUT STILL. I could meet my son in THREE WEEKS. TWENTY-ONE DAYS. Approximately FIVE HUNDRED AND FOUR HOURS. It suddenly seems so soon.

I will say though, after this past weekend, that I honestly feel about as ready as I can be. Luffy and I spent most of the weekend slogging through some to-dos that included exchanging a few gifts (even with our registry, we managed to get doubles of several items), unpacking the car seat and bases, assembling the stroller, and organizing Little Dumpling’s room. We got crib sheets, more pacifiers, and our first package of wipes (of, I assume, many more to come). I tallied the clothing sizes to see what we’re missing (not much – yay!). I have plans to wash the bassinet tonight (purchased at a second-hand sale by my awesome mother). I even started packing the diaper bag!

I’m in that weird space where I constantly ping-pong between:

  • … he’s got three weeks in there at the very least, plenty of time
  • … he still needs a bit more lung maturity and fattening up – just stay in there little one
  • … OMG please come out, I am done
  • … but not like now because you’re still considered a preemie
  • … you still need like at least two more weeks in there little dude

[and repeat]