Last Class of 2016

It’s official! I taught my last exercise class last night. My medical leave kicks in October 1st and I won’t get back to teaching until 2017.

I’m pretty proud of myself, that I made it to now. Yesterday was 35w 2d and I made it through my full 60 minute class. I made modifications, toned down what I needed to, but I still did it! It’s definitely time to hang up the mic because I know I’m not giving my students the full push they need, but I’m happy that I made it to the end of September.

I’m already nervous for my return to the teaching stage because I have been teaching at least three classes a week (sometimes four or five or more) for over five years now. No breaks. Ok… maybe a two week break here or there for vacations, but nothing this long. I’m really trying to keep away from the mentality of “all that work going down the drain” as I think about the lost endurance. (Not to mention that I’ll be so out of practice.) I try to frame it more as a challenge to myself.

Speaking of last classes…. things are starting to get a bit more countdown-ish over here. The hospital called me earlier this week, wanting to confirm insurance information. This weekend is marked on my calendar (as it has been for almost the entire pregnancy) with reminders to do things like install the car seat base and pack a hospital bag and start eating dates. I have also added a trip to a big-box baby store to the to-do list for the weekend – gotta buy all those little necessities no one got us (I mean, why wouldn’t our friends want to buy me breast pads and nipple ointment???).  My dad happens to be driving through town for work this weekend as well and he’s promised to cart down some of the stuff they have from my family shower.

All of these things point to the very real fact that our baby is coming. Quite soon in fact. One more flip of the calendar in ONE DAY and we’ll officially be in his birth month (or at least, his due date month).

Some days, as I contemplate that thought, I’m brimming with joy over the idea that he’ll be here! In my arms! Where I can hold him and kiss him and love him. Other days, the same thought just brings about a sort of panic over the fact that he’ll be here. In my arms. Where I’ll be expected to feed him and change him and keep him alive and stuff. Eep! Not sure I’m ready for that yet.

Either way – October is right around the corner and this baby is on his way.


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  1. I am feeling the exact same way. Some days I just want him here (his due date is tomorrow but he hasn’t even dropped- he likes curling up under my ribs too much I suppose!) and others, I’m staring at the belly I am using as a shelf for my drink and burst out crying just thinking of him not being in there anymore. What a roller coaster! ❤

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