Hi! Bye!

Man you guys…. it’s noon on a Friday and I haven’t updated all week! Atrocious! In my defense, work has gone kind of kablooey again (maybe I should just consider this the new norm) and while I thought I had it all sorted out and solved and that today would be slow…. well best-laid plans and all that. I’m here for some quick updates because I can’t let a week go by without something – anything – new posted here; that would just be irresponsible!  So I present to you this week, in a nutshell:

  • My hips hurt! And I feel like an old man because my hips hurt. At first, I thought I might have legitimately hurt myself teaching my class on Wednesday evening. I woke up in the middle of the night Wednesday night (to go to the bathroom, of course) and immediately felt the pain in my left hip. The pain stayed the entire day Thursday and it’s not really any better today. And now! My right hip has decided to join in on the fun (perhaps it was jealous of the attention?) and has decided that it too shall be in pain. So now I’m wondering if maybe it’s just a 33-almost-34-weeks-pregnant thing. Yay.
  • Luffy was craving some Peking duck yesterday so he turned to the Googles to get some recommendations and that’s how we found ourselves in a fantastically tiny and very noisy Chinese restaurant last night. The food was so good you guys. We had several types of dumplings and the Peking duck and I just want to go back to yesterday so I can have that meal again.
  • I’m looking forward to next week because we have (what should be) our last ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday morning. We’ll get another peek at Little Dumpling and I’m excited to see how much he’s grown.
  • I’m also pumped because the shelves I ordered for the nursery come in today and that means I can make more headway into organizing! Woo!!
  • Uh …. combs through brain trying to come up with more interesting stuff …. uh ….
    • Jas was really hyper and adorable yesterday.
    • Luffy and I got a two pound box of chocolates last Saturday and I finished them on Wednesday.
    • Two pounds of chocolate!
    • Over five days!
    • I had help, to be fair.
    • I was also unreasonably disappointed to see the chocolate did not, like, replicate overnight so I could have some more Thursday.

…. And that’s all I’ve got folks! I’m looking forward to doing a lot of sitting this weekend, interspersed with some nursery organizing. Should be super exciting! Maybe I can get some more chocolate…..