32 weeks and counting

32 weeks…. thirty-two weeks down…. eight weeks left…

[insert minor freak out]

Time seems to be speeding up a bit. Not in a way that helps all of the aches and pains that go along with being very pregnant, but in a I-swear-it-was-just-June way. I mean it’s September. SEPTEMBER PEOPLE. How?

Things I can now do:
1. Answer “two months” when people ask how long I have left.
2. Answer “next month” when people ask when Little Dumpling’s due.

Things I can no longer do:
1. Put on shoes without considerable effort and bending and grunting.
2. Make it to a reasonable hour before succumbing to exhaustion from a day’s worth grueling tasks such as walking or standing or sitting.

So! 32 weeks and counting, let’s get a little pregnancy update!

Baby Showers
I’ve now had two baby showers: one thrown by my group fitness ladies and another thrown by my family. They were lovely and we’ve started accumulating quite an adorable collection of baby clothes.

I went to the family and family friends shower in my hometown over the weekend. Probably the best part was getting to see my granddad (the same one who lost his wife last year). I know this has to be hard on him, as I imagine he wishes my grandma could be around for this pregnancy and to meet her great-grandson. My mom tells me that he asks about me and Little Dumpling every time he talks to her and that he was so excited for the shower, he loaded his present into his van six full days before he made the trip. It was wonderful getting to see him and catch up. His present quite literally brought tears to my eyes. (It was a stuffed bear that holds a tiny blanket between his paws and uses it to play peekaboo when you press his paw. Seriously! Peekaboo! So precious!)

It was nice to see all the family friends as well and my good friend Liz even made it into town! My mom and a family friend hosted, which was awesome because it ensured that some of my favorite foods were included. My mom even had the great idea to take a recipe that called for mason jar presentation and put it into reusable baby food containers (which I’ll get). Of course, it’s wonderful to get the presents, but I mainly enjoy getting to celebrate Little Dumpling and his imminent arrival. It’s amazing to see just how many people are excited for us.

The Nursery
While I wouldn’t say my nesting drive has kicked into overdrive, I’ve definitely stepped up my preparation. Our crib and changing table are ready to go. I’ve framed some watercolor prints I bought (of course I had them for a month or so before I finally got around to framing them). I haven’t hung them, but that’s mainly because the darn frames require two nails to hang, rather than one, so I need to go to Target for more hooks first. I’ve also started organizing and washing the hand-me-down clothes we’ve received. I purchased a bin for the larger sizes so I could fold those up and put them away. I’ve hung up all the smaller sizes. The changing table drawers (which double for our dresser) are filled with PJ’s and basic onesies and drool bibs (all washed and ready). I’ve prepped our cloth diapers and have plans to organize the drawers (I’m thinking for the tiny stuff like socks I’ll just have mini bins and I might also get some dividers to separate the sizes of larger stuff…. still brainstorming this one).  Every time I walk in there, I complete some task and bring us one step closer to being ready.

My Body
I’ve reached that point in my pregnancy where literally just existing is exhausting. I am worn out at the end of each day, even if I’ve just spent the day sitting on the couch. My abdominal muscles are tight because they’re so stretched. If I stand for more than a minute, my feet start to hurt. If I sit in one position too long, my body protests. I am always hungry. My stomach is cramped. My lungs are actually getting a touch cramped now as well. (Although, I really think that I’ve been blessed in this area because (a) he’s been so low and (b) I think my abs have been holding him fairly contained for a while. A lot of women started complaining about being out of breath or feeling kicks in the ribs starting around week 24 or so and I’ve really just now started feeling this way.)

So yeah, not really a walk in the park over here, not that I ever expected it to be. I must say though, I do love the belly and the kicks and movement. Right now, I can feel him rolling around in there. At the airport Friday night, I was rubbing my belly because he was awake. I had my hand over on my left side, just under my rib cage, and I swear I felt his little foot! I was sitting there completely confused because WTH is that thing??? Is that my rib?? Hmmm… as I circled my fingers around this little protrusion. Then it disappeared back into me and it hit me that it must have been his foot! How crazy! I do wish Luffy could feel more of his movement, but Little Dumpling seems to be the most active whenever we’re apart (like right now at work, for instance, he’s moving up a storm or, at night, he’ll give me a few hard kicks and then instantly go back to sleep before Luffy has a chance to feel).

That’s about it for now. I know I’ll blink and he’ll be here, so it seems trite to say, but I’ll say it anyway: I’m so excited to meet this little guy and I can’t wait until he gets here!