Another classic Belle neurosis

So, Luffy is out of town this week. Just me and Jas, hanging out, watching girly TV, and lolling on the couch like a whale (ok, that part’s just me). Anyway, literally 12 hours after Luffy leaves town, the low tire indicator light in my car comes on. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT DOES. Couldn’t have come on over the weekend when Luffy* was here? Noooooooooo. That would have been far to convenient.

*Also known as the only adult in our household who can squat down to that level now.

Now, I am pretty handy, if I do say so myself. I tackle a lot of our household chores and tasks myself, or at least handle the hiring of professionals when needed. I’ve installed light fixtures and dealt with minor floods, called up plumbers and repairmen aplenty. However, I don’t really do car maintenance. I just don’t. Don’t get me wrong! My cars have always been maintained perfectly well, just not by me. Even basic oil changes make me cringe and curl my toes in anxiety.

“But what if they ask me questions???” I always nervously ask Luffy as I’m putting off getting my oil changed for the third consecutive day. Yes, I know that I’m a fully grown adult, capable of making basic decisions when asked a question or even, lord forbid, asking for advice from the mechanic if I have absolutely no idea. I know that, I just don’t really believe it. I’ve been scarred for life by the employee in my hometown’s quick oil change place who asked me if I wanted to replace the air filter on my truck.  I froze, deer-in-headlights style. Had no idea what to do. I stammered out a no and then second-guessed myself for THREE WHOLE MONTHS as I kept my dark secret and worried that my truck could, I don’t know, blow up at any second because I had neglected to replace the air filter.

Ahem. Anyway, the low tire indicator light posed a dilemma. Luffy won’t be back until Thursday evening and I hate to (a) drive around that long on tires that were clearly low and (b) bombard Luffy the second he gets home all like – Hiiiii honey, totes missed you, but could you actually take a look at my car???? So this meant that I needed to deal with it sooner. While I avoid going to mechanics like the plague (note the above mentioned cringing and toe-curling), I’m also not exactly physically capable of getting down on that level and hustling around my car in the Texas heat humidity anymore (<<<< omg you guys, so freaking humid I can barely stand it).

I tried you guys, I really did, to find some solution that did not involve me, with mah beach ball belly, airing up my tires and that also did not involve anxiety-inducing mechanics. I debated asking the guys at work to do it, but thought that was just a touch too drama-queen-esque. I checked my tires every time I got out of the car, hoping that maybe it was a trick of the light last time and that they wouldn’t be so deflated looking this time. (Nope, still low.) I thought about enlisting neighbors. I thought about playing dumb and pretending that the light SO TOTALLY JUST CAME ON whenever Luffy got home.

But alas, even I had to face it: I needed to suck it up and get my tires aired up.

And thus, I went to Firestone today at lunch, hoping to use my belly as a sympathy card and score properly pressurized tires.

They were very understanding and promptly aired up my tires, no charge. They also pointed out that the back left one had a screw in it, causing the leak. And the front two needed to be replaced sometime soon.

“You might wanna come back in the next couple of weeks for four new tires; we open at 7am. It’s best to get here early.”


So much for being a self-sufficient person while Luffy’s away. At least I tried, you know?