Feel free to panic

I had my last second trimester check-up yesterday! It all went very well, although I’m waiting for the results of my glucose challenge screening test to come back. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the numbers look good and I can continue to eat chocolate and cinnamon rolls and ice cream a healthy and balanced diet. Little Dumpling is doing well in there, as far as we can tell. His heart beat was superb and my fundal growth is on track. He had a great time yesterday, what with all the sugar I had to consume, and on an empty stomach, for the glucose challenge. He partied it up in there.

And now, in response to my post title, there’s a key phrase up there in the first paragraph: “last second trimester check-up.” You see, as of Monday, I am officially in the third trimester, by any and all measurements. Holy cats, y’all. I mean, I know I was impatient at 25 weeks, but now…. NOW…. oh dear.

We bought his car seat about two weeks ago. I ordered it online after price shopping and was beyond excited when it was delivered. I promptly opened it up and then freaked out because THERE IS A CAR SEAT IN MY LIVING ROOM. For a child. An infant! Nope, nope, too real and with that I repackaged it and put it away for my mental health safe keeping. Then, we went and bought a crib and a changing table over the weekend. We assembled the crib Tuesday and I swear I’ve been focusing on Jas’ reaction* to the assembled thing because that’s the only way I can keep from freaking out over the fact that THERE IS A CRIB IN MY HOUSE. An assembled crib. Lacking a mattress, but still, a crib. Again, holy cats.

There are other signs, little clues:

  • The baby registry I have at Amazon rounds down how many weeks you have left (for instance, half way through week 20, it will say you have 19 weeks left to go), which seemed fantastic a couple of months ago. It now says 12 weeks left to go, which doesn’t seem to compute.
  • Yesterday, my doctor told me what my travel cut off is and I was surprised to realize that it’s actually not that far away. He also mentioned that I only have one check-up left before I start coming in every two weeks.
  • I have baby showers penciled in and people are starting to ask where we’re registered.
  • Everyone, and I mean everyone, is asking about his name. Do we have a name picked out? What are your favorite names? Does he have a name? A name? A name? NAME?
  • At the lab yesterday, another pregnant woman walked in to take her glucose challenge test as well. While she looked much more pregnant than me, I was shocked to overhear that she’s actually several weeks behind me.
  • While not exactly a scientific measurement, advertisements are now displaying events that take place after Little Dumpling’s due date.

All of these little things add up to one thing: I might actually have a baby. And soon. Really soon! See post title; panic at will.

*Absolutely adorable, by the way. She was fascinated by the whole assembly process, probably because it involved a very large box. After we finally got it assembled and left to go relax a bit, I overheard sounds coming from the bedroom. I went back there to discover her balancing in the middle of the crib (with no mattress, mind you, so she was just hovering on the frame). She then leaped for the railing, perched for mere seconds, before bounding off and scampering down the hall. I closed the door.