Another classic Belle neurosis

So, Luffy is out of town this week. Just me and Jas, hanging out, watching girly TV, and lolling on the couch like a whale (ok, that part’s just me). Anyway, literally 12 hours after Luffy leaves town, the low tire indicator light in my car comes on. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT DOES. Couldn’t have come on over the weekend when Luffy* was here? Noooooooooo. That would have been far to convenient.

*Also known as the only adult in our household who can squat down to that level now.

Now, I am pretty handy, if I do say so myself. I tackle a lot of our household chores and tasks myself, or at least handle the hiring of professionals when needed. I’ve installed light fixtures and dealt with minor floods, called up plumbers and repairmen aplenty. However, I don’t really do car maintenance. I just don’t. Don’t get me wrong! My cars have always been maintained perfectly well, just not by me. Even basic oil changes make me cringe and curl my toes in anxiety.

“But what if they ask me questions???” I always nervously ask Luffy as I’m putting off getting my oil changed for the third consecutive day. Yes, I know that I’m a fully grown adult, capable of making basic decisions when asked a question or even, lord forbid, asking for advice from the mechanic if I have absolutely no idea. I know that, I just don’t really believe it. I’ve been scarred for life by the employee in my hometown’s quick oil change place who asked me if I wanted to replace the air filter on my truck.  I froze, deer-in-headlights style. Had no idea what to do. I stammered out a no and then second-guessed myself for THREE WHOLE MONTHS as I kept my dark secret and worried that my truck could, I don’t know, blow up at any second because I had neglected to replace the air filter.

Ahem. Anyway, the low tire indicator light posed a dilemma. Luffy won’t be back until Thursday evening and I hate to (a) drive around that long on tires that were clearly low and (b) bombard Luffy the second he gets home all like – Hiiiii honey, totes missed you, but could you actually take a look at my car???? So this meant that I needed to deal with it sooner. While I avoid going to mechanics like the plague (note the above mentioned cringing and toe-curling), I’m also not exactly physically capable of getting down on that level and hustling around my car in the Texas heat humidity anymore (<<<< omg you guys, so freaking humid I can barely stand it).

I tried you guys, I really did, to find some solution that did not involve me, with mah beach ball belly, airing up my tires and that also did not involve anxiety-inducing mechanics. I debated asking the guys at work to do it, but thought that was just a touch too drama-queen-esque. I checked my tires every time I got out of the car, hoping that maybe it was a trick of the light last time and that they wouldn’t be so deflated looking this time. (Nope, still low.) I thought about enlisting neighbors. I thought about playing dumb and pretending that the light SO TOTALLY JUST CAME ON whenever Luffy got home.

But alas, even I had to face it: I needed to suck it up and get my tires aired up.

And thus, I went to Firestone today at lunch, hoping to use my belly as a sympathy card and score properly pressurized tires.

They were very understanding and promptly aired up my tires, no charge. They also pointed out that the back left one had a screw in it, causing the leak. And the front two needed to be replaced sometime soon.

“You might wanna come back in the next couple of weeks for four new tires; we open at 7am. It’s best to get here early.”


So much for being a self-sufficient person while Luffy’s away. At least I tried, you know?


Title Placeholder

My title should actually read “Hold Please, Again, But While You Wait Here Are Some Random Things I Want To Talk About,” but I thought that was a little long.

So yes, it’s been another one of those weeks. Work went all kablooey last week, which continued into this week, and even though I got everything sorted out on Monday, I had a metric ton of crap to get to afterwards. You know, everything that had gone un-done over the last two weeks or so as I dealt with the kablooey. Plus, the whole gestating business I’ve got as a side-gig over here has really slowed me down this week. However, it’s not fair of me to just leave y’all hanging on updates to my supremely interesting life, so without further ado I present: Things We Did This Weekend. Enjoy.

I believe I mentioned that we had a friend’s birthday party to attend in Austin this past weekend. We had a great time. In a departure from our normal Austin trip routine (where we crash at a friend’s house), we decided to get a hotel this time. We did this mostly because I am very pregnant and don’t necessarily need to be spending the night on the floor or the couch or kicking our friends out of their beds so I can noisily roll around. However, in a brilliant stroke of forethought, I relished our arrangement as our friends’ houses became overrun with party-goers. You see, what started out as a birthday party for Luffy’s friend, we’ll call him Max, quickly morphed into a sort of ultimate birthday party for everyone in our extended friend group who has an August birthday. Instead of celebrating one person, all of a sudden we were celebrating five people. And, of course, their friends were invited too. Instead of just a couple of people coming down from Dallas, suddenly there were dozens of people coming down from Dallas. Everyone needed a place to stay and most of them wanted to do it cheaply or for free. And with that, our friend’s three bedroom (but two bed) house hosted eight people. Max’s single bedroom apartment hosted five. Max’s girlfriend’s apartment hosted four (not including her roommates). There were numerous others spread out around Austin. So basically, our desire for a modicum of privacy and comfort for my pregnant self spared us from being heaped onto the pile of bodies that was our friends’ houses. Yay!

Having a hotel room also allowed us a little more freedom from the group when it came to food. Luffy loves finding delicious places to eat and our food desires often diverge from the groups’. So that’s how we found ourselves racing into a Chinese bakery literally one minute before their posted closing time to find the hidden banh mi shop that had such high ratings. (That sandwich was glorious, by the way.) It’s also how we were able to eat breakfast at a reasonable hour instead of waiting for the entire group to rise and get ready (they’re notorious for planning a breakfast, which turns into a brunch, which actually occurs at 1pm).

Speaking of breakfast, I have to admit that we had breakfast at the hotel both mornings. I got a waffle the first morning and it was such a delicious waffle that I got a second. And then I had another one the next morning. And just this morning, Luffy was looking for the same hotel in our area so he could take me to get another waffle – probably so I would shut up about the waffle already. The waffle is done Belle – it’s gone, you ate it – IT’S NOT COMING BACK. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

Ahem. Back to the party. While we did hang out at restaurants and bars (which is always a fun experience while pregnant), the main event of the weekend was a barge cruise on Lake Travis. We had a bit of bad weather Saturday afternoon which had us all concerned, but it cleared out in time and we took off on schedule. We had a lot of fun once they tied us off to a rock island and we got to get in the water. Someone had brought along a kid’s float – one of those tiny little rings with the animal heads. It was a turtle. People joked when Luffy tossed it to me, but that little turtle held me up admirably! It was just big enough to go around me – under the boobs, above the belly – and just small enough to make sure I wasn’t stretched too far. Great fun! So we swam and others drank and everyone danced to our party planner’s custom mix. Then we reached the shore again and the other 46* party-goers loaded up on a bus for the forty-five minute drive back to party central while Luffy and I (in another great move of foresight) got into our own car to drive the twenty minutes back to our hotel.

Anyway, we had a great time down in Austin and I would highly recommend the waffles at Hilton Garden Inn.

* Yes, you read that correctly. Including Luffy and I and the party planners, there were 50 people at this party! AND I ALMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU THE BEST PART!!! Towards the end of the night, I got cornered by a … how shall I put this delicately … exceedingly inebriated guest. I’d met her a couple of times before, but wasn’t super friendly with her or anything. Anyway, she cornered me and for a good ten minutes went on and on about how excited she was for Luffy and I. Except that, through her thick haze of alcohol, she kept losing her train of thought, so it went something like this: OMG I’m so happy for you guys – I literally started crying when I found out – your baby is going to change the world – Luffy is just such an amazing person – he shut down an internet troll for me once – …. – OMG I’m so happy for you guys – I literally started crying when I found out – your baby is going to change the world – Luffy is just such an amazing person – he shut down an internet troll for me once – …. and repeat. For ten minutes. At top volume because we were standing by a speaker. I was so relieved when she got distracted.

Hold Please

Work. Woooooork. My apologies for being incommunicado this week but work things y’all. In technical speak, they went kablooey. Only time for quick updates:

  • Jas has, for the past two nights, woken us up around 4 in the morning with incessant, loud meowing. I think maybe something’s scaring her?  I walked around with her this morning, kissing her little head and rubbing her back, trying to find something that looked out of place or unusual. Couldn’t find anything (to be fair, I also didn’t look that hard at four in the morning). Luffy, on the other hand, just thinks she’s hungry and announcing her woes.
  • We got the crib mattress in! I got it unwrapped and into the crib yesterday afternoon. Then I put Jas in it – you know, to visualize a small infant in there. And to see what she’d do. It’s the small things really.
  • We’re going out of town this weekend for a friend’s birthday party. There will be lots of booze and food and festivities and I will …. try not to scare the children in a bikini. And also try to stay up past the hour of 10pm.
  • So after I got all uppity last week about the weather – we’ve had a cool front here and it’s been absolutely wonderful. Humidity is still high (as evidenced by my hair which is a giant wave of frizz right now), but I’ll take mid-80’s and humid over 100’s and humid any day.
  • Little Dumpling’s good! He’s kicking away in there and I think he got his first case of the hiccups last night!

Aaaaaand that’s all I’ve got folks. Back to the trenches.

Pregnancy Confessions

So I’m more than 2/3 through this whole shebang and I have some thoughts. Musings. Ramblings. Crazy person talk, if you will.

I generally have excellent self-control when it comes to food and eating. I’m an emotional eater, thus I eat when I’m happy (celebratory meal!) and eat when I’m sad (cookies will make me feel better) and everything in between. I’m fully aware of this, thus I tamp down most of my food desires.

And yet, being pregnant, I do find myself scarfing down a fourth chocolate or the last slice of pizza or an entire large burger when I usually only get the regular. Last weekend, Luffy and I treated ourselves to a big breakfast Sunday morning. We had biscuit beignets with honey and chocolate dipping sauce. I had green chili breakfast enchiladas. We shared a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. And I ate every bit of it. Was it overkill? Yeah. Did I regret it? A bit, when I was super uncomfortable for a couple of hours afterward (the eternal stretching of the third trimester). Would I do it again this weekend? Absolutely.

I actually don’t miss alcohol all that much and I truly expected to. I was very much the person who came home and poured herself a glass of wine each day. My Friday night was not complete without an alcoholic beverage and I frequently poured a glass of wine around 3pm on Sundays because why not? So I fully expected to miss alcohol, to crave and yearn for a crisp glass of champagne or a tasty Malbec. Don’t get me wrong, when we go out with friends and are around others drinking, I do wish I could partake. I sniff their glasses of whiskey and wine and my mouth salivates in response. But for the most part, once I couldn’t have it, I really haven’t given it much thought.

(And now Luffy’s laughing, remembering all the times at the grocery store that I’m like “oooooh, wine… pretty, shiny wine….”)

Ok, I’m baring all here people: I miss sex. I really, really do. Luffy and I still have sex, don’t get me wrong, but I miss the throw-me-on-the-bed-and-have-your-way-with-me sex. And I don’t mean to complain, but numerous sources told me that women report increased sensation while pregnant and I have most definitely not experienced that. In fact, I would report a decrease in sensation. I would also like to take this up with management because NOT FAIR!

I’m kind of super envious of the women who can somehow tell the difference between kicks and punches and headbutts and hiccups and rolls and somersaults. It sort of all feels the same to me. I mean, I can tell the difference between a kick and a roll, but there are ladies out there who can tell the difference between a punch and a kick! And thus they know how the baby is positioned! Craziness! Maybe it comes with experience. Or maybe Little Dumpling just moves less enthusiastically than other fetuses.

On the physical side of things:

  • I can no longer get off the couch without Luffy’s help.
  • Rolling over in bed requires, at a minimum, four or five grunts,  several booty scootches, and far too much effort.
  • My belly button is no longer in the center of my torso…. weird.
  • Speaking of my belly button – it hasn’t popped out yet. As of right now, it’s just super stretched out and really shallow. Also weird.
  • In a new third trimester ailment, every time I stand up, I instantly need to pee!

Getting our house ready for Little Dumpling’s arrival has been fun. I’ve really enjoyed putting together the crib and changing table. I can’t wait to organize his clothing (it’s so adorably cute and tiny!). I think I’ll really enjoy the last few months of preparation, as I arrange and prepare his room.

And lastly, I was dismayed to realize the other night that our son now officially outweighs our two-pound box of chocolates. Holy cats! That box of chocolate was heavy! And Little Dumpling weighs more than it! No wonder my back hurts.



August got me like….

Whew…. It’s hot in DFW. Hot and humid, which is a terrible combination. You can laugh all you want, but I’m super excited for this weekend’s cool front. The high on Sunday is only 93 and I don’t know what to do with myself!!

As I’m sure you probably know, the Olympics are on right now. I’m not super into the Olympics (you know those people – the ones who have not performed an athletic feat in the past 5+ years and suddenly they accost you every morning with a detailed recap of last night’s swim record or gymnastic pass or volleyball … er volley), but I do really enjoy watching. I basically spent all weekend with the Olympics on, watching the biking road race and rugby and beach volleyball, plus prelims for the swimmers and gymnasts. Good fun. I highly relate to all those memes out there about watching the Olympics:

Me: Wow! That gymnast is amazing!

Commentator: Oooh, devastating mistake there. He’s going to regret that.

Me: …… [scrutinizes replay] …. [still haven’t got a clue]

Other than the Olympics, not much else is going on right now. Luffy and I put the changing table together, which means that I can officially start washing clothes for Little Dumpling (the changing table doubles as a dresser). We got a bunch of hand-me-downs, so those are the clothes I’ll be washing. My plan, for the other detail-oriented folks out there, is to not wash much of the new stuff ahead of time. That way, when Little Dumpling comes out as an itty bitty six pounder or a line backer at 10 pounds, I can adjust accordingly. Once I get the hand-me-downs washed, I can start organizing them into sizes, which I’ve been itching to do.

Looking into the baby’s room, it’s starting to come together a bit. We’re still lacking a mattress for the crib, but we’re shopping around. I need to organize all of the random crap that came with the hand-me-down clothes. (My friend was nice enough to give us a bunch of stuff, but they were also moving at the time so we have a few bags that suspiciously look like random piles of baby paraphernalia.) As far as furniture, I think we’re about done. I’m considering buying some sort of rocking chair, but I might hold off until the baby’s here and I can see where I prefer nursing. I’m also eyeing some sort of organizing cart to go alongside the changing table, but haven’t made up my mind yet. I bought some artwork for the walls, but haven’t bought the frames yet. And perhaps a lamp for the corner would be nice??? Maybe? Eh, we’ll see. Procrastination!!

One last piece of news (that pretty much proves how boring August has been so far), Luffy and I went to a chocolate shop last night and put together a custom, two pound box of chocolates. They are incredibly delicious and really, the only thing keeping me from polishing off the entire box in one sitting is Luffy would TOTES JUDGE ME.

Feel free to panic

I had my last second trimester check-up yesterday! It all went very well, although I’m waiting for the results of my glucose challenge screening test to come back. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the numbers look good and I can continue to eat chocolate and cinnamon rolls and ice cream a healthy and balanced diet. Little Dumpling is doing well in there, as far as we can tell. His heart beat was superb and my fundal growth is on track. He had a great time yesterday, what with all the sugar I had to consume, and on an empty stomach, for the glucose challenge. He partied it up in there.

And now, in response to my post title, there’s a key phrase up there in the first paragraph: “last second trimester check-up.” You see, as of Monday, I am officially in the third trimester, by any and all measurements. Holy cats, y’all. I mean, I know I was impatient at 25 weeks, but now…. NOW…. oh dear.

We bought his car seat about two weeks ago. I ordered it online after price shopping and was beyond excited when it was delivered. I promptly opened it up and then freaked out because THERE IS A CAR SEAT IN MY LIVING ROOM. For a child. An infant! Nope, nope, too real and with that I repackaged it and put it away for my mental health safe keeping. Then, we went and bought a crib and a changing table over the weekend. We assembled the crib Tuesday and I swear I’ve been focusing on Jas’ reaction* to the assembled thing because that’s the only way I can keep from freaking out over the fact that THERE IS A CRIB IN MY HOUSE. An assembled crib. Lacking a mattress, but still, a crib. Again, holy cats.

There are other signs, little clues:

  • The baby registry I have at Amazon rounds down how many weeks you have left (for instance, half way through week 20, it will say you have 19 weeks left to go), which seemed fantastic a couple of months ago. It now says 12 weeks left to go, which doesn’t seem to compute.
  • Yesterday, my doctor told me what my travel cut off is and I was surprised to realize that it’s actually not that far away. He also mentioned that I only have one check-up left before I start coming in every two weeks.
  • I have baby showers penciled in and people are starting to ask where we’re registered.
  • Everyone, and I mean everyone, is asking about his name. Do we have a name picked out? What are your favorite names? Does he have a name? A name? A name? NAME?
  • At the lab yesterday, another pregnant woman walked in to take her glucose challenge test as well. While she looked much more pregnant than me, I was shocked to overhear that she’s actually several weeks behind me.
  • While not exactly a scientific measurement, advertisements are now displaying events that take place after Little Dumpling’s due date.

All of these little things add up to one thing: I might actually have a baby. And soon. Really soon! See post title; panic at will.

*Absolutely adorable, by the way. She was fascinated by the whole assembly process, probably because it involved a very large box. After we finally got it assembled and left to go relax a bit, I overheard sounds coming from the bedroom. I went back there to discover her balancing in the middle of the crib (with no mattress, mind you, so she was just hovering on the frame). She then leaped for the railing, perched for mere seconds, before bounding off and scampering down the hall. I closed the door.