Furbaby Situation: An Update Part III

Little miss Jas had her re-check with the vet last week. She was not pleased at being taken back to the vet (again!), but she tolerated it well enough. I was a tad worried because I was taking her by myself this time and, thus, was the only one available to wrangle her into her carrier. We have an unusual carrier that zips from the top, which I love for many reasons, but also presents a challenge while trying to get her in it because she has three potential escape routes. I walked in the door Thursday evening and she jumped off her perch, stretched, and came to greet me. Using the advantage of surprise, I scooped her up and deposited her into the carrier, zipping it up before she even had a chance to meow in protest. So props to me!

Anyway, her re-check went swimmingly. They checked her thyroid, just as a precaution (because thyroid problems could masquerade as heart problems and she’s just so young to be having heart problems). They took x-rays again, which came back looking clear and normal. When they took her x-rays last time, they showed them to me, but I didn’t really know what I was looking at. I didn’t get to see a “normal” x-ray and then her bad one for comparison. This time though, the vet brought up her old x-rays as a comparison to the new ones and I was floored by the difference. To be perfectly honest, I’m glad I didn’t know how bad they were because I would have freaked out (even more than I was freaking out). I’m shocked she pulled through, that’s how dire her x-rays from a month ago looked. The poor baby had maybe, maybe, 40% lung capacity since even the “good” lung wasn’t at full capacity.

In the couple of weeks since we started her on the ACE inhibitor, she’s completely turned around. In fact, she’s doing so well that it makes me realize just how long she must have been dealing with this. I’m happy to report that she is once again her curious, perky, vocal self (I can 100% attest to this as I spent a good half hour in the wee hours of the morning listening to her mrowr and browr to herself this morning). Her prognosis is good and she’ll just need check-ups (with blood work) every six months to monitor her condition.

Yay Jas!! So happy to have you back!!

Switching gears to our other child, Luffy and I purchased the car seat this weekend! Momentous occasion! If only I could pop the champagne in celebration! Mind you, we don’t yet have a crib or a changing table or a diaper bag (or diapers), but I’m still feeling awfully accomplished.

In a flurry of activity, I went from having exactly zero showers lined up this time last week to having three lined up course of the week: my friends decided to host theirs late September (after adorably shooting for the first weekend in August), my mom decided to host a family get-together in my hometown, and my exercise circle is throwing me one in late August! Whew! So much love for Little Dumpling!

One last story to round out today’s post: I had a very #youknowyourepregnantwhen moment today.

I went to Target during my lunch hour, technically for hand soap, but came away with so much more, as per usual. On an end cap, I noticed that Milano started selling these little to-go packages of their cookies. I love me a good Milano cookie, but not really enough to buy a whole package. The to-go package had precisely three cookies and was impossible to pass up.

They were so irresistible, in fact, that I devoured all three cookies. In the car. In about two blocks. And then I got heartburn. #sademoji