25 weeks and impatient

I do love a nice, round number – 25 seems about right. 25 weeks down, 15 to go. It’s sort of crazy once you pass the 20 week mark and suddenly the countdown becomes shorter than the count-up.

Little Dumpling and I are doing wonderfully. I’m getting rather impatient for the third trimester. I keep thinking it will be next week (because 13 + 13 = 26) or I guuuueeeees maybe the next (because 13.3333 + 13.3333 = 26.6666 and fine, you jerk, you can round up), but for some reason it appears to be week 28.  I’d like to point out the fact that at 28 weeks, I only have 12 weeks left (or 30%) and something is clearly wrong with that math. This is what happens when someone decides to take something that lasts 40 weeks and divide it by three. Why not four? Or two? Or eight? I mean, we could have had nice even quadmesters or something, but no.

(On a side note – I just spent a good fifteen minutes trying to figure out why, exactly, pregnancy is divided into trimesters. I failed, but I did stumble across an article from American Pregnancy Association stating that the third trimester starts at week 26. Take that Baby Center and Mayo Clinic and all the other resources out there that say 28!)

Ahem – where was I?

Oh yes, Little Dumpling and I are doing great. Luffy finally felt him move, just a bit, Sunday evening. We were lying in bed and Luffy laid his hand across my stomach. Little Dumpling kicked several times, but I think Luffy may have only felt one or two. Still though – yay! As for me, I’m feeling him move a lot. I keep thinking he’s kicking strong enough to see from the outside, but have yet to prove that to myself (except for those corner-of-my-eye movements that are totally him!!!). I’m also getting a little antsy about getting everything ready for his arrival. Which is kind of crazy given I’m only 25 weeks along – 15 left to go remember?? I vacillate daily between relax, we have plenty of time and OH NOES I HAVE WASTED 25 WEEKS AND WILL NEVER GET EVERYTHING DONE IN TIME!!!!! When I get to that point, I remind myself that, really, Little Dumpling doesn’t need a whole lot to get a great start in life.

Luffy’s parents gave us a few outfits this past weekend, along with newborn mittens and socks. All of it is entirely too precious and I would have washed it all immediately if I had the right detergent. We let Jas sniff around in the gift as well (tbh, she was mostly interested in the bag) before we were completely terrible parents (both to Little Dumpling and Jas) and put the socks on her. She was …. not pleased. Totally worth it. I tried to console her with the tidbit that I hear firetrucks are totally the next trendsetting fashion statement and her picture might land her in Vogue. She didn’t believe me.