Worries for the postpartum me

At 26 weeks pregnant, I am filled with anticipation and excitement. I can’t wait to meet our Little Dumpling. I want to know if he has a ton of dark hair like Luffy! Will he have chubby baby cheeks? Will he be long and skinny or short and plump? Will he be a happy baby? I want to hear him cry and coo. I can’t wait to hold him in my arms. I can’t wait to meet him.

However, the further along I get in my pregnancy, the more I’m starting to worry about my postpartum body. I’m not talking about weight loss, necessarily – I’m not delusional and I firmly adhere to the thought process that it took my body 9+ months to make this little guy and I should fully expect it to take 9+ months for it to return to “normal.” I have no problem giving myself time. I’m more worried about the … complications from pregnancy. Complications like diastasis recti or an umbilical hernia. Beyond documented, medical complications, I wonder if my feet will be larger or my rib cage wider. I wouldn’t mind my hips being wider, I suppose, but I’ve always been rather pleased with my delicate feet and narrow torso. Worse, a lot of these complications anecdotally appear to happen more often to small, short women and I am a small, short woman. Will I recognize my body after Little Dumpling is here?

Women talk about things settling back out of place or stretched skin that never really shrinks back or scar tissue that bulges out of place and I worry about my future postpartum body. Will I like it? Can I learn to love the new body I have? Will I even miss the old body? After all, these changes take a lot of time. I will never have a direct comparison other than perhaps photos and old clothes. Perhaps I’ll never miss it. Or maybe I’ll wake up one morning when Little Dumpling is a happy 12 month old and lament over the reflection in the mirror.

Of course worries such as these are par the course for pregnancy – or really any situation in which the outcome is uncertain. Although there’s not much I can do now, I try to set myself up for success by not dwelling on the what-if’s. I remind myself that our bodies change as we age regardless of pregnancy (or really, our bodies will age regardless – period). Even pre-pregnant me didn’t have the same body as 23-year-old me, for better or worse. I remind myself that “bouncing back” from pregnancy doesn’t necessarily have to be linear journey and that it doesn’t need to take place in a set time frame. I remind myself that, regardless of what my body looks like afterwards, I should always be thankful because it gave me Little Dumpling. My body made my son (totally duh-sville, but just writing it out is awe-inspiring).

One thing that I am truly thankful for as I navigate the unknowns of pregnancy and beyond – the weight gain and the awkward grunts and the unladylike gas and the questions of my postpartum body – is that I have Luffy. I have no fear concerning his reaction to my postpartum body because …. well really because of so much. The fabric of our relationship. The trust I have in him and our love. Simply because of the person he is. He encourages me. He compliments me. He reassures me when my hormones are surging and I feel my worst. I am so lucky to have found him. Can’t wait to give him a little token of my appreciation (maybe about a 7lb, squalling token of appreciation!).


Furbaby Situation: An Update Part III

Little miss Jas had her re-check with the vet last week. She was not pleased at being taken back to the vet (again!), but she tolerated it well enough. I was a tad worried because I was taking her by myself this time and, thus, was the only one available to wrangle her into her carrier. We have an unusual carrier that zips from the top, which I love for many reasons, but also presents a challenge while trying to get her in it because she has three potential escape routes. I walked in the door Thursday evening and she jumped off her perch, stretched, and came to greet me. Using the advantage of surprise, I scooped her up and deposited her into the carrier, zipping it up before she even had a chance to meow in protest. So props to me!

Anyway, her re-check went swimmingly. They checked her thyroid, just as a precaution (because thyroid problems could masquerade as heart problems and she’s just so young to be having heart problems). They took x-rays again, which came back looking clear and normal. When they took her x-rays last time, they showed them to me, but I didn’t really know what I was looking at. I didn’t get to see a “normal” x-ray and then her bad one for comparison. This time though, the vet brought up her old x-rays as a comparison to the new ones and I was floored by the difference. To be perfectly honest, I’m glad I didn’t know how bad they were because I would have freaked out (even more than I was freaking out). I’m shocked she pulled through, that’s how dire her x-rays from a month ago looked. The poor baby had maybe, maybe, 40% lung capacity since even the “good” lung wasn’t at full capacity.

In the couple of weeks since we started her on the ACE inhibitor, she’s completely turned around. In fact, she’s doing so well that it makes me realize just how long she must have been dealing with this. I’m happy to report that she is once again her curious, perky, vocal self (I can 100% attest to this as I spent a good half hour in the wee hours of the morning listening to her mrowr and browr to herself this morning). Her prognosis is good and she’ll just need check-ups (with blood work) every six months to monitor her condition.

Yay Jas!! So happy to have you back!!

Switching gears to our other child, Luffy and I purchased the car seat this weekend! Momentous occasion! If only I could pop the champagne in celebration! Mind you, we don’t yet have a crib or a changing table or a diaper bag (or diapers), but I’m still feeling awfully accomplished.

In a flurry of activity, I went from having exactly zero showers lined up this time last week to having three lined up course of the week: my friends decided to host theirs late September (after adorably shooting for the first weekend in August), my mom decided to host a family get-together in my hometown, and my exercise circle is throwing me one in late August! Whew! So much love for Little Dumpling!

One last story to round out today’s post: I had a very #youknowyourepregnantwhen moment today.

I went to Target during my lunch hour, technically for hand soap, but came away with so much more, as per usual. On an end cap, I noticed that Milano started selling these little to-go packages of their cookies. I love me a good Milano cookie, but not really enough to buy a whole package. The to-go package had precisely three cookies and was impossible to pass up.

They were so irresistible, in fact, that I devoured all three cookies. In the car. In about two blocks. And then I got heartburn. #sademoji

Naming Your Child 101: An Introduction

I, along with probably most other pregnant women, have a couple of apps for pregnancy. One is awesome and is an extension of my old fertility app. It lets me track symptoms, medications, diet, exercise, milestones, doctor appointments, and more. It also, of course, tells me exactly what fruit or veggie Little Dumpling is currently measuring up to (an eggplant this week!). The second app I have is one from Baby Center. They have some really good articles and videos related to pregnancy and childbirth, as well as some handy tools (like a bumpie feature and a kick counter). They also let me know which fruit or veggie Little Dumpling is measuring up to (a rutabaga this week! I get the feeling that your produce may vary). They also have a robust community feature, which, I believe we’ve chatted about the community features before.

Unlike before, I am able to keep a cool head when reading through these threads. I’m part of an October birth group, so the topic trends amuse me, especially since I’m due late October and am thus on the back end of timing. For instance, the current topic du jour is the gestational diabetes screening test – easily five threads a day on this topic. Last month it was the anatomy scan. Baby names, though, is a topic that has been trending for a couple of months. These threads range from “what are you naming your child” all the way to “what names do you hate,” but regardless of the exact question, this topic always brings out a few types of people:

The Yoonique Speller: Perhaps it’s the grammar enthusiast in me or perhaps I’m just too traditional to appreciate it, but I cringe every time I see this person. You know the one. She’s naming her child Breatanny or Jaxonne or Eleaurea (it’s pronounced “Laura” – duh). I mean, seriously. Being a creative speller does not make your child’s name unique. At the end of the day, he/she is still a Brittany or a Jackson or a Laura. The only thing being a creative speller accomplishes is making your child’s name a pain in the ass for her. I can only imagine 20 years in the future, your poor Olivia Alyviah on the phone saying “that’s spelled A as in Annie, L – Y – V as in victor – I – A – H” and then repeating herself a dozen times because the person at the other end of the line is completely confused.

The Unique Name Extreme Competitor: This woman doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that there really isn’t such a thing as a completely unique name and becomes hyper competitive about keeping her name a secret, lest someone try to steal it. I mean, I understand maybe not mentioning your perfect chosen name to your pregnant cousin or acquaintance. You do you. However, this particular woman gets antsy about announcing her name to a bunch of internet strangers. Does she realize that there are approximately 323 million people, just in the US? And that it is highly likely that her chosen name has already been chosen by someone else? The most extreme case I’ve seen of this so far was the woman who proudly stated (after chiding the rest of us for sharing our names) that she doesn’t even call her children by their names in the grocery store for fear that some pregnant woman in the next aisle might overhear her and use her precious names – NAME STEALER!! ALL PREGNANT WOMEN ARE OUT TO STEAL MY NAMES!!

The Name Hippy: This is a more recent phenomenon, brought about by the trendy Apple’s and Rain’s of the worlds. All Name Hippy wants is peace on Earth and to end poverty and for you to meet her children: Peace, Earth, and Poverty. Blessings to you.

The Trend Unaware Woman: This woman has no idea that name trends can be regional or periodic. She will fight you to the death over the fact that Paisley is a super popular name, because it is. Duh. She’s from Texas and she works in a daycare and she’s seen a hundred Paisley’s in the past month! She seems to have no idea that the name’s not all that popular outside of the Southern states. Same goes for the woman that seems to think trendy names from the 70’s (think Rebecca) or 80’s (think Daniel) are still “trendy” names for 2016.

The Trendy Name Hater: Just like it sounds. This woman hates trendy names with a burning passion. She will mock you endlessly for your Emma or your Charlotte or your Noah and never let you forget that you followed a trend. Now the interesting part of the Trendy Name Hater is what she’s actually about – does she prefer timeless classics like Henry or Mary? Is she into biblical names like Isaac or Nathaniel? Or is she into finding the cool, but not too popular names like Phoenix or Kade? So many facets to the Trendy Name Hater.

The Name Creator: This woman seems to think that she was the very first to create a name and that all others who use it must have stolen it directly from her. As an example (a real life example, mind you, I could not make this craziness up), one woman was so upset when someone stole her first born’s name (changing the spelling) after they announced it while she was pregnant. Just because you change the spelling, Yoonique Speller, doesn’t mean you didn’t steal MY name!!! With her second child, they decided to be super cautious and never, ever announced the name. Anywhere! And yet! Alack and alas, she had already mentioned her love for that particular name on (I kid you not people) MSN Groups about 14 years ago and WOULD YOU BELIEVE that there’s now a child in her child’s daycare with that exact same name! OUTRAGE! She really regrets mentioning the name online a decade and a half ago because someone clearly remembered and stole it. Sigh. Please note, this type can go hand in hand with the Unique Name Extreme Competitor woman, but not always.

The Meaningful One: This woman always tacks on the meaning of her chosen names and I often wonder where exactly she’s getting her information. She seems to only be happy when a name means something significant like happy or chosen or golden (Abigail or Joshua or Carmella, apparently). I always wonder how reliable these meanings are and am dubious that most names (according to popular name searcher websites) mean positive things. I for one would love to see someone be like, yes, we named him Owen, meaning destruction.

The Head Scratcher: So beyond the Yoonique Speller and the Name Hippy and the Trendy Name Hater and the Meaningful One, occasionally you find yourself truly stumped by another woman’s name choice. What is she thinking???? you ask yourself as you reread and reread her choice, gauging the likelihood of a typo. Sometimes the name seems truly bizarre (Windsor, but only for a girl – because that makes it better). Other times you know what they were shooting for (merging both grandmother’s names, for instance) and yet you can’t help but wonder if they are crazy for liking the outcome (Brylynn, which apparently is pronounced “Bry-lynn” but that hasn’t help me much). And sometimes, you’re just truly lost (Vaeda has had me scratching my head all morning).

Now don’t get me wrong. You can name your child whatever you please. We all have different priorities, as evidenced by this list. I will not judge you for naming your child Amillion or Nitrous, if that’s what you’re into. If you’re more the Jennifer and Brian type, also have at it.

What I find the most interesting is the name trends themselves. One of my favorite sites, Wait But Why, has a great piece on naming children and he also pointed me to an awesome tool: The Name Voyager. You just type in a name (or the beginning letters) and you can see how the name (or variations) has trended over time for both males and females. For example, you can see that some current trendy names are simply a bunch of people naming their 2015 babies after their great-grandmothers (Emma, is a great example, like he mentions). Another fun thing to find is when one sex takes over another sex’s name (like Lynn).

Anyway, I’m still on the hunt for Little Dumpling’s name. I think I’ve decided, but every time I try to firm up my commitment to the name, I always back down a bit. (I’ve got plenty time right?!) In the meantime, I’ll keep combing through these naming threads in hopes of finding the perfect name to steal borrow.

25 weeks and impatient

I do love a nice, round number – 25 seems about right. 25 weeks down, 15 to go. It’s sort of crazy once you pass the 20 week mark and suddenly the countdown becomes shorter than the count-up.

Little Dumpling and I are doing wonderfully. I’m getting rather impatient for the third trimester. I keep thinking it will be next week (because 13 + 13 = 26) or I guuuueeeees maybe the next (because 13.3333 + 13.3333 = 26.6666 and fine, you jerk, you can round up), but for some reason it appears to be week 28.  I’d like to point out the fact that at 28 weeks, I only have 12 weeks left (or 30%) and something is clearly wrong with that math. This is what happens when someone decides to take something that lasts 40 weeks and divide it by three. Why not four? Or two? Or eight? I mean, we could have had nice even quadmesters or something, but no.

(On a side note – I just spent a good fifteen minutes trying to figure out why, exactly, pregnancy is divided into trimesters. I failed, but I did stumble across an article from American Pregnancy Association stating that the third trimester starts at week 26. Take that Baby Center and Mayo Clinic and all the other resources out there that say 28!)

Ahem – where was I?

Oh yes, Little Dumpling and I are doing great. Luffy finally felt him move, just a bit, Sunday evening. We were lying in bed and Luffy laid his hand across my stomach. Little Dumpling kicked several times, but I think Luffy may have only felt one or two. Still though – yay! As for me, I’m feeling him move a lot. I keep thinking he’s kicking strong enough to see from the outside, but have yet to prove that to myself (except for those corner-of-my-eye movements that are totally him!!!). I’m also getting a little antsy about getting everything ready for his arrival. Which is kind of crazy given I’m only 25 weeks along – 15 left to go remember?? I vacillate daily between relax, we have plenty of time and OH NOES I HAVE WASTED 25 WEEKS AND WILL NEVER GET EVERYTHING DONE IN TIME!!!!! When I get to that point, I remind myself that, really, Little Dumpling doesn’t need a whole lot to get a great start in life.

Luffy’s parents gave us a few outfits this past weekend, along with newborn mittens and socks. All of it is entirely too precious and I would have washed it all immediately if I had the right detergent. We let Jas sniff around in the gift as well (tbh, she was mostly interested in the bag) before we were completely terrible parents (both to Little Dumpling and Jas) and put the socks on her. She was …. not pleased. Totally worth it. I tried to console her with the tidbit that I hear firetrucks are totally the next trendsetting fashion statement and her picture might land her in Vogue. She didn’t believe me.


Furbaby Situation: An Update Part II

Well I finally have some good news to share on the furbaby situation: Jas seems to be responding very well to her heart medication (an ACE inhibitor, for anyone curious).

She’s been on it for almost two weeks now and has made several improvements. Her appetite has returned and, although she’s still not up to eating her meal in one sitting (like she used to), she does at least finish all of her food and seems eager for her next meal. She finished all of her salmon last night. She’s playing with her toys again, climbing into the tub again. She’s also sleeping with us, or at least visiting us at night, again. She’s vocal and perky and her eyes are bright (with some new gray furs in her face, I might add). She greets me when I come home and has resumed curling up for a nap in her normal spots (the kitchen window, for instance).

She had her blood work done last Friday and that came back looking just fine, thank goodness. (According to the drug info, the ACE inhibitor paired with the diuretic greatly increases the odds of complications, so we were glad to see that she seems to be handling it well.) The vet wants to see her back in another week or so for a second round of x-rays to judge the amount of fluid remaining in her chest cavity. She might get to come off the diuretic at that point, if she’s looking good.

We’re just so happy to have our darling girl back. As cliche as it sounds, I appreciate so much more, having thought we might lose her. Every time she decides to curl up with me, I’m reminded how lucky I am. Every time she visits me while I’m getting ready (a morning ritual of hers), I’m reminded of how much I missed these little routines and her presence. Every time she stretches out or curls up, I think back to just a few short weeks ago, when she could hardly do anything but lay in distress, and thank our lucky stars that she pulled through.

She’s by no means out of the woods yet and a diagnosis of heart disease isn’t the greatest outcome, but I’m so happy she’s doing better.

Can we talk about healthcare?

Specifically, an example of how the healthcare system here in the US is not efficient. Oh good, you’re willing to humor me – thanks!

So I’ve forever ranted that it is a shame that a person doesn’t truly know the cost of an encounter with the medical system until after it happens. If you ask for the price of a procedure or a medication or a consult with a doctor, you will get the same answer: it depends. The cost will depend on whether or not you have insurance, what type of insurance, the amount of coverage, whether you’ve met your deductible, and a slew of other factors that make a price estimate impossible to give. I believe, if we could solve this problem, we could solve at least part of the reason why healthcare costs in the US have ballooned over the past decades.

You see, the typical arguments are either that (a) the cost of a medical procedure doesn’t factor into most decisions or that (b) if you, personally, don’t pay for the procedure out of pocket, then it doesn’t matter what the gross cost is. Both of these arguments are faulty; let’s tackle argument (b) first:

If the gross cost of your doctor’s visit is $500 and you end up paying nothing (after insurance discounts, deductible calculations, etc), the $500 doesn’t just disappear. Someone is paying for it, namely the insurance company. True, they are probably not paying the full $500 (see: insurance discounts), but they are paying a portion of it. Let’s call it $200. The doctor got $200 of his billed $500 and you feel like you’ve gotten off scott-free because you didn’t pay a dime out of pocket. Wheeee!!! Free medical visits for everyone! Now here’s where that logic is a tad faulty: the insurance company isn’t insuring just you and your doctor (likely) isn’t an idiot. The cost to your insurance company ($200) gets added together with all the other insured families’ costs and guess what, the insurance company needs to cover their costs. They are doing this through premiums (which means they’re charging you more than enough to cover their costs), either now or in the future. Which leads to higher costs for you (healthcare is never free, you just get to control when you pay for it – now or later). Also, that part about your doctor not being an idiot: if he knows that he’s only going to get $200 for his $500 of work, he’s going to bump up his gross charge so that he gets what he needs to cover costs. It’s like the fallacy of those stores that always have sales – if the store always runs sales, those sale prices are no longer “sale” prices, that’s just the price.

TL;DR: Healthcare is never free, you just get to control when you pay for it and your doctor is not an idiot.

Now for argument (a), that the cost of a procedure doesn’t matter. This is likely true for some procedures (think your true emergencies like resetting a fractured bone or surgery after an accident). However, for most things I would wholeheartedly disagree. Let me give you an example: you fell on your ankle two days ago playing basketball. You’re in a fair amount of pain still and the swelling hasn’t lessened, but you’re pretty confident you just sprained it and have found plenty of advice for self-care. Your mom (being mom) urges you to go in to the doctor for an examination anyway. Now let’s say that you knew it would cost you $150 to get that examination – wouldn’t that price affect whether you go? If you’re confident that you sprained it, you’re unlikely to spend the $150. If you’re somewhat confident and also strapped for cash, you’re also unlikely to spend the $150. If you’re starting to question your self-diagnosis, you’re probably more likely to shell out the cash. What if the examination was going to cost $20? That might change your course of action. The same would apply to shopping around for a doctor. If you knew one cardiologist charged five times the amount of another, when they appear to have equal levels of expertise, you’d probably go to the cheaper one because no one likes getting ripped off.

TL;DR: No one likes paying too much if they don’t have to.

If only the healthcare system were more transparent on prices, it would likely cut down on some of the cost in the long run (one would hope anyway).

So let’s back up and let me put all of this into context for you. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we were referred to a high risk doctor for a Level II ultrasound to examine Little Dumpling’s heart. That doctor’s visit was the single most expensive doctor’s visit I have ever had in my entire life (based on the gross billed cost, mind you). The ultrasound alone was almost enough to pay our mortgage for the month. Ridiculous, true, but also necessary in our eyes and not unexpected (that’s what happens when you go to a specialist – everything costs more!). Thank the heavens for insurance discounts!

What really took me by surprise was the blood test. With my mother as my witness, I swear the doctor described the test to me as “a newer blood test that’s a bit more accurate that will give [me] a little more peace of mind.” That little blood test was $2,700 (gross – insurance hasn’t processed it yet because they want “additional information” – lmao). TWENTY SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. When I told my OB, he said they must have run a full genetic profile on Little Dumpling – the same blood test they run for high risk pregnancies to detect chromosomal abnormalities with 99% accuracy. That was the blood test they ran so that I could have “a little more peace of mind.”

What’s done is done. I’m not about to refute or argue, especially since this could have been avoided if only I’d pressed for more details about what this little test actually was. However, this is absolutely a scenario in which the cost of the test would have changed my mind. A hundred dollar blood test for a little more reassurance? Sure! Absolutely! A twenty seven hundred dollar full genetic profile for a little more reassurance? No. I was not that concerned. In my gut, I knew Little Dumpling was fine and I felt confident after seeing the specialist. I did not need to have that test done.

Silver lining though – his results came back and Little Dumpling really is perfectly fine in there!

Second Trimester Update

I had another prenatal visit yesterday morning. Little Dumpling’s heart abnormality bought us another ultrasound with my OB’s office, so we got to take another peak at him. He’s starting to look less like a creepy alien and more like an adorable baby with each passing ultrasound. We even got a profile shot with a cute little nose! Anyway, since it’s been a while since I wrote about pregnancy trials and tribulations, I thought I’d sit down to go over life at 23 weeks and change:

Flutters – Yeah, he’s definitely kicking now. Most of his movements are still felt only internally, but he does occasionally kick with enough force to feel from the outside. I’ve been trying to catch one for Luffy, but Little Dumpling always seems to get shy whenever Luffy’s around.

On a typical day I feel him briefly in the morning, right after waking up. I’ll feel him a couple of times throughout the day, usually after I’ve eaten or when I’m sitting with particularly poor posture (I imagine him in there beating on the wall like can I get some more room woman?!). He seems to be very active later in the day, after dinner. As I’m watching TV or reading for the evening, I’ll feel him squirm and kick and move up a storm.

Weight gain – I was actually really proud of myself at the doctor’s office yesterday because my weight came in at a very reasonable number. I’ve gained just under 15 pounds at 23w, 2d and I am very pleased with that. At my previous appointment (at 19w), I had gained almost 13 pounds and, probably most alarmingly, had gained something like five pounds in three weeks. I vowed to slow that weight gain down and it seems like my efforts have payed off! Or, you know, I could have had nothing to do with it, maybe that’s just how my body wanted to gain weight, but whatever – I’m taking credit for it.

Aches and pains – Of course, with an expanding belly comes abdominal aches and pains. However, since I’m a fairly small person, that 15 pound weight gain has already started to become a bit of a burden. By the end of the day, my feet hurt and my back hurts, my glutes are tight and my calves are weary. Though my abdominal muscles get most of the stretching focus (the cow and cat poses are practically a requirement at the end of the day), my hamstrings need loosening as well. I had hoped that the sheer work of carrying around the extra weight wouldn’t become evident until the third trimester, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening. Little Dumpling’s already 1 lb, 4 oz (rough estimate, obviously) and moving him and me around is WERK. Whew. Guess I should take heart in that it will get better in a bit – November, to be specific.

Speaking of my feet hurting though, I have to take a moment to give a shout out to one of my favorite products – KT Tape. I first heard about KT tape back in college when I went to physical therapy for a stress fracture in my ankle. My therapist snipped off two tiny pieces of tape to place across my foot, saying the tape would help with swelling. I was dubious, but then amazed when, by the next day, the swelling had all but disappeared. I bought my own roll several years later, when regular exercise started to bring back the pain in my ankle (stress fractures basically weaken the bone and make it easy for new stress fractures to crop up). The miracle tape instantly gives me relief from the pain and swelling – like a brace, but way more comfortable and flexible. To this day, I still apply the tape to my ankle whenever it starts acting up. (I have the pro version, in purple. Fantastic.)

Anyway, I’d already seen posts about using the tape during pregnancy, to support the belly, but I had the thought last week that I could probably use the tape to help my feet. Saturday morning, I applied the tape across my forefoot, wrapping under my arch and up towards the inside of my ankle. Immediate relief. Seriously, made all the difference in the world. No knots in my feet and no swelling. Another win for KT tape!

So yeah, doing pretty good at almost six (SIX!!) months along. My belly is becoming more noticeable and strangers are beginning to comment on my pregnant status. I finally bought some maternity tops to wear to work when it became clear last week that my button downs were beginning to stretch a bit past decency. Heartburn is beginning to crop up as my stomach becomes crowded (have I mentioned that I’m a short person??? there’s just not a lot of space for Little Dumpling to work with). According to our ultrasound yesterday, he’s head-down for now, which explains the random times my bladder becomes suddenly compressed (like right now, my bladder is not your pillow child!).

I’ve started looking around for ideas for his nursery. We’re definitely not the types to decorate a nursery (we’re not even painting! cue gasp), but I am looking for a bit of decoration for the walls. Luffy’s parents want to buy us the crib and my mom told me about a fantastic secondhand sale a friend of hers puts on twice a year, so we haven’t purchased anything big yet. Actually, we haven’t purchased anything at all yet. I keep waiting for the “nesting” drive to kick in, but I remain pretty calm and carefree about everything (I mean, so far, there’s plenty of time for that to change).

All in all, Little Dumpling and I are doing just fine and I can’t wait to meet him come Fall.