Furbaby Drama Continued

So I believe I mentioned that Jas was feeling much better. And she was!! All better. Perky and energetic. Chirping at us and begging for food. Kneading me in the mornings. Sigh. My darling Jas.

Then, Thursday evening I got a feeling of dread as I watched her halfheartedly eat her dinner. She left a lot of it in the bowl before wandering off to hide under the guest bed. Then, Friday morning, she didn’t come greet me and my concern deepened. I refused to say anything about it because I didn’t want to worry Luffy, but he saw it too. She was bleary eyed, lethargic, uninterested in breakfast. We agreed to continue monitoring her and decided to take her to the vet Saturday morning if we felt the need.

Saturday morning we woke up to a puddle of urine in the middle of the kitchen. As I cleaned, I realized that she must have lost control and ran to the litter box as soon as she realized what was happened. My heart broke a little for my poor baby girl. When I had cleaned up the kitchen (and the trail to the litter box), I went to fetch her from underneath the guest bed. She was soaked in urine, confirming my suspicions. I cleaned her up with paper towels as best I could (I definitely didn’t want to subject her to a bath at the time), assuring her that we weren’t upset. She just looked so ashamed and sad. (Pregnancy hormones abound! I started crying while cleaning her up – my baby!) We put her in the office while we waited for the vet to open. I moved her food and water in with her and made a little temporary litter box. I refilled her water bowl when I found that she drank a large portion.

Unfortunately, the vet still couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. She was running a very slight fever, but all other signs still looked good. This time, the vet focused on the urination and the drinking. Those symptoms, along with very slightly elevated levels of blood sugar pointed the vet towards diabetes. Unusual for a cat of Jas’ age, but a possibility nonetheless. She also assured us that there are multiple feline urinary diseases and many can be helped with diet. She sent us on our way with special food, as well as an anti-inflammatory medication.

Luffy had a fit as we left the vet because he absolutely did not agree with the vet. He felt that we should have been given additional antibiotics. (The vet told us that the antibiotics they gave her ten days ago were still in her system and, thus, she didn’t need any more.) He also felt that the special food is an over-priced scheme (it was $40!) and that the food we give Jas is much better for her, even with diabetic concerns, than the new food.

In our minds, the fluids and antibiotics ten days ago almost worked. She felt better for several days before succumbing to her illness again. However, I think the vet feels as though the antibiotics didn’t do anything since she’s not feeling well again. I just don’t know right now. Like I said last time, I so desperately want to make her feel better. All better. For good.