What’s in a name?

As I mentioned, Luffy and I had a girl’s name picked out. Actually two girls’ names. One had been Luffy’s favorite since FOREVER and the other was added after we got pregnant. Finding out that little dumpling is actually a boy sent us back to the name drawing board as we had only briefly contemplated boy’s names.

Luckily (or unfortunately), Luffy is ambivalent on the naming process. He’s deeply attached to that one, aforementioned name, but that’s it. Otherwise, he doesn’t care. Truly. Which is all well and good except that he’s no help! I’ll suggest something and he’s like sure. And then I’ll be all like yes but… and he’s like ok. NO HELP I tell you.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that he’s at least not vetoing all of my suggestions, but he is also not vetoing any of my suggestions. So it’s all up to me to name our child – no pressure.

I’ve been perusing name websites since we learned the sex, keeping names in mind, cringing at others. It’s interesting to me how names just sort of stick out. For instance, my forerunner right now is a perfectly nice name, somewhat common, doesn’t stick out of the herd. And yet, I really like it. My brain keeps coming back to it. It’s not unique or special, but to me, it sounds wonderful. (I of course need to bat it around in my brain for a while, make sure I can yell it across the house and that I don’t hate it after saying it a hundred times.)

In other words, I think we might have found a name for our little boy!

In other pregnancy milestones, yesterday was the first day that a relative stranger commented on my pregnancy!

I was picking up lunch for Luffy and I from a sandwich shop. We like the same sandwich so we order the giant size and split it. Whenever I pick it up, I inevitably hear jokes about how little ol’ me is going to eat all of this right? Ehehehe. Yesterday, when I shook my head and informed them that I had to share it with my husband, the guy behind the counter said, “but you’re eating for two right now! You should get more than half.” And this launched a discussion about the sex and names and all that as I patiently waited for my sandwich to be finished.

Twenty weeks on the dot and strangers can tell I’m pregnant now!! Woo!!