Family Reunions

We traveled to my hometown over the weekend to attend my cousin’s wedding. She went to college there, as did her now-husband, and they got married on campus. It was a gorgeous event and we had a blast catching up with family. This particular side of the family (my Dad’s side) haven’t gotten together since the last wedding (which Luffy and I actually didn’t get to attend), so it was fantastic getting to see everyone. I got so many compliments on the baby belly and everyone was ecstatic over the news. Another cousin of mine (oldest sister of the bride) is actually pregnant right now too (due in July). My mom and aunt told us that the two of them were actually pregnant with us at the same time – and now we’re pregnant at the same time too!

I also realized that this little boy is the first grandson for both sides as well as the first great-grandson on both sides!! Yay!!

My mom always gets us a little present whenever we visit home. Usually it’s a small plant or cat toy. This time it was a set of baby socks and a beautiful card welcoming our little one. She totally made me cry, not going to lie. I also got really emotional when we left (a day earlier than we planned) because my mom was crying and I started crying a bit. Then we pulled away and I completely lost it in the car. Good ol’ pregnancy hormones!

In other pregnancy news, I have to admit that I’m already (at 20 weeks) becoming really uncomfortable. I can no longer sleep well without my support pillow (as evidenced by the tossing and turning I did at my parents’ house). Also, maybe I’m just in the middle of a growth spurt, but my abdomen and lower back have been so tender and sore lately. On the positive side, I’ve been feeling this little boy move more and more. I can’t wait until Luffy can feel him too.

In Jas news, she’s doing so much better. She’s eating all of her food again – back to impatiently awaiting her next meal. She insisted on sleeping with me last night, since we had been gone a night. She wedged in between me and the support pillow and came back every time I moved her aside to run to the restroom. Such a relief – she really had us worried since this was the first time she’d ever been sick. A funny story from the weekend: a friend of our’s was in town for a party and we asked him to drop in and check on her either Saturday or Sunday. We woke up Sunday morning to a text (with picture) from him. Apparently he and a couple of others had dropped in on Jas at 4:30 in the morning (presumably after their party)!! Poor little girl looks very unsure in the picture – HALP!!! Kittynappers!!! Why are you people in my house?!

So that was it from the weekend. Since I had already taken today off (we were supposed to fly back this evening, but then we drove home with my brother yesterday), I decided to stay home and rest up. Baby growth, plus quick trip, equaled an exhausted me.