Furbaby Drama

So – in the midst of all the excitement, we realized that our baby girl Jas wasn’t doing so well. In fact, we realized Tuesday that she might be sick.

It all started when we got back from LA. We noticed that she had a considerable amount of food leftover in her bowl. (She has an automatic feeder and gets a portion twice a day). We rationalized that she was either eating less because the heat was really starting to set in or that she had been nervous, with us being gone, about receiving her next meal. She’d already been starting to ration her food a bit, saving more for midnight and mid-afternoon snacks. She seemed like her usual self though, so we weren’t too concerned.

Throughout last week and the weekend, she seemed to eat less and less, although she was still eating at least one full meal each day. We felt bad because her feeder ran out of food before Saturday’s dinner, but the food that was already dispensed lasted her through Sunday. And again, she seemed like herself. Perky, energetic. She chased her mousie toys around and ran from the vacuum cleaner. She climbed into my lap Sunday evening for snuggles and, while she didn’t sleep with us, she did visit me each morning to stare at me intently until I woke up.

Then Tuesday evening, I got home from work and realized that she hadn’t eaten all day. The food in her bowl looked untouched since morning. Worried, I went to find her (because you know I asked her what was wrong…. she ever so helpfully just stared at me). She seemed warm to the touch and she looked sad. For the first time, Luffy said he thought she might be acting a bit lethargic and we both realized that she’d spent most of the day hiding away under the guest bed. We tried to tempt her into eating by putting down special canned food and even treats. She ignored both.

Since we had our big appointment the next day, I couldn’t squeeze in a vet visit for her, but Luffy volunteered to take her. They immediately noted she was running a high fever, but couldn’t find any other outward signs of distress (heart rate was good, weight was fine, stomach was normal, no anomalies in her fur or skin, eyes and mouth looked good). So, they drew her blood and ran several diagnostic panels. All came back negative; no answers. They gave her fluids and a hefty dose of antibiotics and reluctantly sent us on our way, with instructions to watch her closely and bring her back if she hadn’t started eating again by Friday.

Luffy reported to me that she ate a bit when they got home from the vet. We put down plenty of food for her and let her be. In a good sign, she came out to greet me when I got home from exercise. She still seemed to be running a temperature, but she ate more while we were in the kitchen. She took up residence under the guest bed again for most of the evening. When I went to check on her before bed though, her fever had dropped considerably.

She still didn’t greet me in bed this morning, but she was sleeping in the living room when I went to find her. She ate more this morning and her fever seems to be gone as well. Hopefully the fluids and antibiotic will help her kick whatever she had. I just want her to get better. It’s so challenging with pets (and, I can only assume, babies) because it pains me just to know she’s not well. I want to make it all better, instantly. I want to take her to the vet and get a firm diagnosis and be on our way to healthy land. So to have no clue what brought her down is really frustrating. Like I said, all I can do is hope she’s turned the corner and continues to get well.