Boy or Girl?

Tomorrow’s the day!! Luffy and I go in for the baby’s anatomy scan tomorrow morning. I just want to jot down the (varied) gender predictions (because of course everyone has an opinion):

Me: I’ve never really had a “feeling” like other women describe – of just knowing what their baby’s sex was. Luffy and I already sort of have a girl’s name picked out, but we can’t focus on or think of boy’s names, thus I think it’s going to be a boy just to mess with us.

My mom: for exactly my reason, only the same thing happened with each of her pregnancies and this ended up being correct (she could only think of girl’s names with me and boy’s names with my brother), so she votes a girl.

My coworker: because he thinks Luffy will be an excellent father to a girl, he votes a girl.

My exercise students: not really sure what the reasoning behind it is, but they are all adamant that it’s a boy.

And now for a whole slew of wives’ tale test results:

Chinese gender chart: boy

Baby’s heart rate? High – girl

Sleep position? Left side – boy

Extreme nausea? No – boy

Soft hands? Yes – girl

Acne? No – boy

Clumsy? Yes – boy – but this is a tad unfair because I’m always a bit clumsy and would like to point out that I haven’t gotten all that much clumsier… yet

Fuller face? No – boy – but there’s still time I’m sure

Sweet or salty cravings? Salty, I guess, if I had to choose – boy

Craving proteins like meats or cheeses? Much more in line with my cravings – boy

Mood swings? Not really – boy

High belly or low belly? Excuse me – I am five foot nothing, there is no such thing as high or low, the belly is everywhere! (That’s what my mother always used to say and I imagine I will be no different at full term).

Baby weight – center or spread? Undetermined. The weight is very much front and center right now (boy), but I’m also just beginning to show so who knows.

Even or odd? I’m include this one because it’s a tad ridiculous. The tale goes like this: if your age and the year of conception are both even or odd, it’s a girl. One even, one odd means a boy. However, I’d like to point out that the majority of us will celebrate a birthday during our ten months of pregnancy, thus changing this prediction. Is it age at conception? Because that means a girl for me. Is it age at birth? Because that will likely mean boy for me.

So although the votes among real people are split down the middle, the wives’ tales heavily favor a boy. We’ll find out tomorrow!