We Are Never (Ever) Getting Back Together

Have y’all heard the news? Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up!

Now, I’m not one to follow celebrity gossip or “news.” I’m honestly not even very good with celebrities in the first place, often referring to very famous people as “that one guy, in that movie with the planes” and not even remotely recognizing semi-famous people. I don’t follow TMZ or People magazine or any of those tabloid-esque publications.

And yet, I am genuinely disappointed to learn that T Swift and Calvin have called it quits.

I’m not even sure why. I suppose we all have a celebrity relationship that we adore and admire (another would be Chrissy Teigen and John Legend – adorbs). Taylor and Calvin just did that for me. I loved their vacation pics and their cute little antics on stage. The fact that they went to each other’s shows and made comments about how wonderful their relationship was.

Awe. Oh well. They were a gorgeous couple but they are never, ever getting back together. Perhaps Taylor will have some material for her next album.