Flutters: Take Three

How was your holiday weekend? I hope it was a good one.

Luffy and I had a fantastic weekend. We took a day off and headed out early to LA, primarily to catch a concert on Saturday evening but also to visit friends. We had fantastic food and good company. The concert itself was absolutely incredible. It was at the Hollywood Bowl – an iconic venue and one that I never thought I’d see. Overall, an outstanding trip.

Now I’m back at work (I was yesterday too, just being lazy) – on to more important news!

I finally started feeling the baby move! For sure and 100% positive! And during the daytime too! Little flutters and swirls and actual semi-painful that-is-my-uterus-child movements. All of this occurred yesterday in a literal 0-60 type thing. I left the house telling Luffy that I wished I could feel the baby move because I just feel fat right now (he had asked how I was doing). In my mind, I know I’m pregnant. When I look at myself without clothes, the curves are appealing and gorgeous. However, all that flies out the window when I put my clothes on because it still just looks sort of frumpy. Once the baby starts moving, I thought, that will be just another reminder that I’m pregnant.

And then bam! Yesterday morning I was sitting at my desk, killing time diligently working, when I felt a little movement. Clear as day! It was very exciting. The movements seemed to get more frequent as the day passed, peaking about 7pm and then settling down again. I’ve already felt a few flutters this morning as well, so I think I may have skipped right over the occasional flutter and gone straight into regular movement. Yay!

At 18 weeks pregnant, I’m finally beginning to show – especially, as I mentioned above, without clothes. My belly’s distended and firm. My appetite has skyrocketed and I’ve started legitimately snacking now. (I never used to snack, so when I did have food between meals it was usually “bad” food like candy or crackers. Now though, I find myself ravenous between meals and have switched to healthier options like cheese and nuts to help stave off the hunger.) I’m on track to gain about 32 pounds right now (given the eight pounds I’d gained by 16 weeks plus the rough guideline of about a pound a week during the second and third trimesters). I’m trying to toe the line of stay within the guidelines but also, you know, feed myself and my child.

And lastly, a friendly reminder: the anatomy scan is one week from today! One week! Seven days! 168 hours less two because my appointment is scheduled for 9:20am. Eeep!