Flutters: Take Two

It occurred to me this morning that no one can challenge me when I say I felt the baby move because (1) I’m within the time frame for that by most standards and (2) it’s my body. So.

I felt the baby move last night.

I’ve actually been feeling the baby for a while now I think, but last night was the first time (apart from last Monday) where I was definitively like yes, that is the baby. It honestly doesn’t feel like much, so I’m not surprised that it takes first time mothers a while to catch on (or that it took me so long to decide on the gas-or-baby question). I only really feel it when I’m laying on my side (my left side, in particular) at night, quietly waiting for sleep. I can feel these small …. gurgles. Little nudges. Just a few.

I’m definitely not to the point of feeling the baby during the day, although I’ve occasionally felt something while laying on the couch (again on my side! must be the baby’s position). And while I can’t wait for the kicks and jabs and oh-there’s-a-foot moments, I look forward to my gurgles each evening.

In other news, you’ll be glad to know that I did in fact get antibiotics today. I definitely err on the side of caution when it comes to antibiotics and try to give my body time to fight off the infection on its own. But it’s been seven full days and while I haven’t gotten any worse, I also haven’t gotten any better either.

Saturday was miserable as I spent 90% of the day on the couch, “resting.” (I’m a terrible sick person because I can’t nap. I just lie there staring at the ceiling contemplating how terrible and icky I feel. And how I can barely breathe. I mean one sinus is completely blocked and the other one is like 65% blocked and … oh crap … my one good sinus is moving towards 70% blocked and now how do I breathe? …. and on it goes) I woke up in the middle of the night early Sunday morning and had a difficult time getting back to sleep. I realized then that I felt the worst on days where I was actively playing the sick part, as opposed to just powering through like I had been. I woke up Sunday morning determined to have a better day and did lots of chores and errands played on my new laptop. Sunday was pretty good, but I immediately called this morning for antibiotics.

(ALSO – I realized my mistake and I am writing this down for future reference. I wasn’t quite ready to resort to antibiotics on Friday, which is all fine and good, but what I should have done was gone ahead and called the doctor anyway. He would have sent a prescription to my pharmacy and then I could have picked it up Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning after it became clear that I needed them. (Or, alternately, not picked them up at all if I turned the corner that I so naively thought I would after a good night’s rest Friday.) That way, I wouldn’t have had to wait for my doctor’s office to open this morning before getting a prescription. It’s moments like these when I feel like I’ve really accomplished something in my life. Clearly I deserve a Nobel Prize for this astounding moment of logic and clarity.)