End of the Week Hodgpodge

It’s Friday?? I think?? This week has been …. long. And busy. Let’s see… what can we chat about??

There was that thing with the work … but I shouldn’t bore everyone to tears.

There was that other thing with the work … but again with the crying and boredom.


Oh yeah, so the flutters from Monday night were either really and truly because of Jas’s position or they were just gas. I haven’t felt anything else since then. I’m a little bummed but I know it’s coming soon, so I’ll just have to be patient.

I had a doctor’s appointment Wednesday morning. Very short, just a quick check-up. We listened to the baby’s heartbeat with a doppler for the first time! Yay! So amazing to listen to your baby’s heartbeat fill an exam room. Made me tear up a bit. Then I zipped up my pants and my doctor sent me to go get poked. This will be my final blood draw for a while. Yay! BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY… June 8th, 9:20am, anatomy scan. Is little dumpling a boy or a girl? WE’LL FIND OUT THEN. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. SET A REMINDER. I MIGHT BE JUST A WEE BIT EXCITED, WHY DO YOU ASK?

Speaking of doctors, I have been fighting a low level case of bronchitis since Sunday evening. It came on very suddenly (seriously – so suddenly that I thought I had choked on some food at dinner) and has hung around since. I of course talked to my doctor about it. I felt like I was already getting better Wednesday so he didn’t prescribe me anything (which was good and I agreed with). He told me if I didn’t feel better by Friday to call back for antibiotics. Well, it’s Friday and I’m not feeling any better, but I think it’s my fault, to be honest. I felt better Wednesday because the day before, Tuesday, I didn’t have to teach class. So I got home early, ate some pho, relaxed, and went to bed at 9:30. Felt much better Wednesday morning. Every day since then though, I’ve had to teach class. The class itself is a toll on my body, plus it pushes dinner back and then I’m going to bed later. Plus my seasonal allergies have flared up in the meantime.

So yeah. Not feeling better yet, but also not reaching for the antibiotics yet. I’m leaving work early today to go home and rest. My plan for the weekend is to do absolutely nothing so that I have a real chance of kicking this illness. If I don’t feel really and truly better by Monday, I’ll call for antibiotics.

Let’s see…. what else…. Oh, I’ve been supremely amused after my classes lately because, without fail, one lady (usually the older ladies in class or that take the Light class after mine) comes up to me to chide me about working out while pregnant. They ask me if my doctor recommended this and if he knows what I’m doing. They talk about how they can’t imagine the baby being shaken around in there like that – must be so uncomfortable!

And I chuckle because really? This is why it can be so confusing to be pregnant. Suddenly everyone and their grandmother has an opinion/theory/trick/rule/whatever and they tell you alllllll about it. And very often, those opinions/theories/tricks/rules/whatevers will contradict each other and current recommendations.

Exercising while pregnant is not only completely safe, it’s actually recommended to help fight off a plethora of pregnancy ailments – everything from fatigue to swollen ankles. If I sum up my pregnancy book’s recommendations of diet and fitness during pregnancy with four words, they would be: eat right and exercise. Everything in moderation of course, as I doubt anyone is really recommending I go run a marathon right now, but seriously, keep moving!

And yet all the old ladies are chiding me for working out because (even at just 16 weeks! when me and the baby are still small!) they feel like the baby’s being shaken and bouncing around my insides like a pinball. Shaken baby! Going to come out dented and lumpy because mom kept exercising!

I always tell them that the baby’s perfectly cushioned in there and doesn’t mind at all. I even go one step further usually and tell them that if my doctor does tell me to back off at some point, it actually wouldn’t even be about the baby. It would be because of the strain and impact on my joints. So there – science FTW!

Luffy, on the other hand, told me that I should tell the next person that yup, totes just a bad mother and person. Doc told me not to work out, but gotta keep my bikini body ready. What the doctor don’t know won’t hurt my baby.

So there’s always that option.

And I think that just about sums up my week. Waiting for baby flutters. Fighting off bronchitis. Heartbeats. Shaken baby. Work. Speaking of, time to get back to it so I can head out early. Have a great weekend folks!