think I felt the baby move last night! For the first time!


Last night, after class and dinner, I was sitting on the couch, browsing Amazon and being kneaded by Jas. After she deemed my lap comfortable, she curled up between my legs so that she was leaning up against my lower abdomen. I’m not sure if it was the pressure of her body against my uterus that suddenly made the movements apparent, but I kept feeling these little nudges. Like small pokes or prods.

It’s entirely possible that is was actually Jas moving her elbow or something against me. I stared at her hard for a while, trying to rule out her moving as the cause of the flutters, but I couldn’t really. When they kept coming, I told Luffy that I thought I was feeling the baby move. He of course got so excited that he startled Jas from her spot. Once she moved, I could no long feel anything (which sort of reinforces my theory that her body + pressure on womb = wriggly baby felt), which wahhh! But still! Maybe! And at 16 weeks on the dot. Come on little dumpling! Give me some good kicks so I know you’re in there.