A few random thoughts for your humpday

Attention everyone: Yesterday I had a great hair day.

This is very important news, you see, because I have been growing out my hair (from a bob) and I haven’t had a good hair day in approximately 383 days, give or take a couple. I haven’t even had a meh hair day. My hair has firmly been on the side of craptastic for a year. Until yesterday.

Yesterday my hair had body and volume. Limited frizz. It laid correctly AND minimized how fine and utterly thin my hair is. My hair was on point, as the kids say.

It looked so good yesterday that I was honestly a bit sad to say goodbye to it at the end of the day. As we lay in bed, drifting off to sleep, I made some half asleep comment to Luffy about pretty hair. Needless to say, he didn’t understand. And alas, today it’s back to it’s typical form.

Has anyone else seen just kidding, I don’t think you can miss them …. those videos on Facebook with the recipes? The short clips that show you a recipe for banana bread or slow cooker pulled pork or s’mores cupcakes? I love those clips. I am mesmerized each time one comes up in my feed and am powerless to do anything but stare as they whip up some tasty item. Usually the recipes aren’t even that complex or exciting, but I still must watch.

This week at work we’re having our annual meeting. A big to-do with lots of people. It also means I have to dress up in business professional. Which is a tad challenging, given I’m right on the cusp of full-on maternity wear. This morning I put on a button down I haven’t worn in a while and was dismayed to find it gaping in the bust (of course! don’t even get me started with the ridiculousness that is sizing for women’s button downs) and then tight across my lower abdomen/hips. Oh! Wow. Huh. Guess I’ve expanded a bit more than I realized.

In light of that, I grabbed a pencil skirt that has always been large on me (it’s actually a size too big and it’s a stretchy-ish material). I was further dismayed to find that it’s extremely fitted now.Oh! Wow. Huh.

I’m really hoping my suit fits tomorrow. I should probably try it on tonight so that I can give my boss a head’s up if I’m gonna have to come in with sweatpants on.

I have my phone back! Finally!! After two weeks without a phone, I finally have mine back. The world feels right again. Also a tad noisier and brighter, but hey, at least I know that our baby is the size of a beet. Priorities.

In a Jas update, I believe I mentioned that my parents came into town a couple of weekends ago. My mom absolutely adores Jas and spoils her beyond reason. My mom’s vet (er… more accurately: my mom’s pets’ vet) carries this one particular type of cat toy that Jas loves. They’re these tiny little mice that rattle and are the perfect size for Jas to toss around herself. She loves them – LOVES. So my mom brought several down for Jas. We realized too late that Jas had found the stash and had been helping herself to her favorite toys. My mom couldn’t remember exactly how many she’d brought down (after she took out some for her own cats and my brother’s cats), so we weren’t sure how many Jas got. Over the past week and a half, it’s become all too clear that the answer to that question was A LOT. It’s fairly obvious because we always remove the tags on ones we give to her, but she obviously does not remove the tags on the ones she absconds with. I have found a dozen with-tags mice throughout my house, and that’s on top of the four or five mice she got from us. Thief! Bandit! Hide your wife! Hide your kids! Especially if they resemble Zanies cat toys!