To know or not to know

That is the ultimate pregnancy question. It is the first question everyone has asked me upon learning that I’m pregnant: are you going to find out?

They don’t even specifically ask about gender sex (probably because of touchy subjects like that), just “are you going to find out?” and I’m always tempted to reply “yes because I want to be prepared if I’m having a velociraptor instead of a baby.”

(You’ll be glad to know that I don’t actually say that out loud…)

I am firmly in the camp of finding out. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but knowing the baby’s sex will (I think) help me wrap my brain around the whole real-human-baby aspect of pregnancy. So yes, I want to know. I want to know as soon as I can.

So it surprised me the other day when my mom told me that she actually doesn’t want to know. She would prefer to find out the day of delivery, whether I’m having a boy or a girl. Huh. Now I’ve started to try and think of ways to accommodate her as I do love the whole surprise aspect of the grand reveal at birth. Just not enough to be surprised myself.

It seems like a rather insurmountable task. I mean, I don’t mind switching pronouns while talking with her (I do already because I don’t like referring to the baby as “it”) and I definitely wouldn’t mind avoiding the onslaught of all-pink or all-blue gifts (by not telling anyone else before the shower). The main complication that I foresee is that the best way to ensure my mom doesn’t find out is to really not tell anyone else either. Maybe Luffy’s folks, although they could still potentially spill the beans, and some close friends might also be up to the challenge. So I think, in my particular case, the real question is do we tell everyone or no one?