Phone Status

So I think I may have mentioned that I broke my phone… and that I had shipped it off to be repaired by Motorola. I told y’all last Monday (the 18th, for reference) and I was full of optimism and hope that they would have my phone fixed and back to me by Friday! Perhaps the following Monday at the latest!! Surely they can turn it around within their promised 4-5 days. I knew they received in on Tuesday (the 19th). They sent me an email saying they had received it on Wednesday (the 20th). And that was the last I heard from them.

Never worry though! They did say they would contact me if they had an issue, so maybe the lack of communication just meant that they didn’t run into any problems!! <<<<< I can be fantastically optimistic when it pleases me.

When I hadn’t heard from them by Monday (the 25th) (and I should note they are open on the weekends, although I technically don’t know if their repair center is), I called. It went about as well as can be expected (hard to understand, transferred a couple of times, miscommunication abound), but I was promised that they just had “one more test” to run and to give them “a few more hours.” They informed me that they would send me tracking information the moment it was completed.

When I hadn’t received tracking information by Wednesday (the 27th) afternoon, I called again. The best this person could do for me was mark my case as a “priority” to hopefully bump me up the line. (At which I collapsed into a puddle of frustration becauseĀ what do you mean line???? you’ve had my phone for nine days!!! I should be at the front of the line already!!) He told me to call back if I didn’t have tracking information within 48 hours.

I should pause here to say that Motorola does have a super handy repair tracking function on their website. Just put in your Motorola tracking number and voila! Instant status. Except that every time I tried it, the website returned with the message “repair not found.” Um, thanks? Way to boost my confidence in you Motorola.

Anyway, back to Wednesday. A few hours after I called, I received an email that confused me to no end. It basically said they could not process my replacement, as my phone was out of stock and they did not have a comparable device. Um, thanks? Except that you were supposed to fix mine, not replace it. So does this mean my phone’s not getting fixed? I gave them what they requested (they said they were going to refund my money for the device, but I am suspicious because why would they do that???) …. and I bought a new phone.