Weekend Wrap-up

Well it was a good one. My parents made it safely into town Friday night* and I promptly poured champagne down their throats offered them a beverage of their choice. We went out for pizza and it was delicious. In fact, the whole weekend was pretty much all about eating. We had doughnuts Saturday morning and burgers for lunch and Italian for dinner. We had more doughnuts Sunday morning and Chinese food for lunch and then healthily moderated at dinner with a salad and some cookies.

Of course, all of that eating caught up with me just in time for a weigh-in Monday morning. I gained two more pounds – TWO POUNDS in TWO WEEKS! Eep! And I had already gained two at my last appointment! My doctor said my weight looked fine, but, you know, just FYI, he encourages his patients to only gain four pounds in the first twenty weeks. I ….. I am not 20 weeks along. So, zero weight gain for the next seven weeks. Dear baby Jesus, please help me to be strong.

I maintain that a lot of my four pounds is water weight and not actual weight gain (I bloat like a puffer fish right now). Plus, you have to understand, I was a very disciplined and rigid eater and kept my weight down to an acceptable (to me) level by sheer willpower. That was a little harder to do when my stomach was so urpy and iffy in the first couple of weeks. Plus plus, I never had the puking, so I’m battling an uphill battle. (If there is one upside to the puking in the first trimester, it’s that it keeps those comfort carbs from adding up. Seriously, not that I’m envious of the puking, but I read a thread this morning that was filled with tons of women who have not gained any weight at 16 or 17 weeks along and others who have actually lost weight.) I know that I’m pregnant, not just getting fat, but it’s still hard to watch the numbers climb without the accompanying baby belly. So no more cookies for me over the next seven weeks. My next appointment is in three weeks and I am really striving to weigh in with zero pounds gained.

Anyway, let’s get off that depressing topic. Moving right along: my parents and I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart here in DFW. They were looking for an entryway bench and the store is practically a destination in and of itself, so I happily tagged along. We, of course, visited the baby section (mostly because my Dad is so excited and wouldn’t let us leave the store without browsing). I had this moment, standing amidst the cribs and changing tables and bassinets. I think I was mostly in some form of denial, standing there with all the very pregnant ladies browsing for furniture, like me??? take care of an infant???? BAHAHAHA – yeah right…. I’m barely qualified to take care of myself. I looked at the cribs, but couldn’t imagine purchasing one or putting it together in our home. I think this is the real reason why it takes almost 10 months for babies to develop: momma needs some time to wrap her head around this shit. I had invited my mom to help me purchase a baby shower gift for a friend (at one of those big-box baby stores), but was too overwhelmed after the furniture to follow up on the offer.

My mom did get to sit in for the ultrasound Monday morning (Nuchal Test performed: results normal – blood test done to corroborate, results pending). The baby has grown so much since just two weeks ago, but was in a terrible position for any gender guessing to take place. Boo. Although, we did get some truly terrifying ultrasound photos out of the visit. I used them for our Facebook announcement and was truly pleased with myself (alien baby is coming for your brainz!!!). Mom teared up a bit here and there – it was fun.

And that’s all folks! Mom left me half a bottle of champagne in the fridge so now I’m off to find recipes that use champagne so I can avoid the heartache of pouring perfectly delicious champagne down the drain again.

*The actual first words my dad said to me as he walked in the door: you don’t look pregnant! Er… well I am…. I promise… those four pounds are just fluff at this point, but really important fluff.