The Wonder

Most days, my pregnancy goes relatively unnoticed, by me or anyone else really. My co-workers treat me the same. I continue to work out and go to work as usual. Jasmine continues to knead me at nights and refuses to give up her prime spot on my abdomen no matter how many times I patiently explain that IT’S ALREADY TAKEN CHILD. Oh sure, there are signs and symptoms a plenty and there is more implication behind the general “so how are you doing” questions, but it’s fairly the same as before.

And then, there are other days, like today, when I click on a bait-click article from Baby Center titled something like “What Your Baby Looks Like Now” and I am amazed. I am taken aback by wonder. That Luffy and I created this. That we did this and now you, little dumpling, there you are. And look how far you’ve come! Even in just 12 weeks. Amazing.

To think that something as common place as sex could lead to such an incredible miracle or that a human being could grow from something as small as the head of a pin. I’m always amazed whenever I think about the development of a baby – all of the things that have to go right and all of the intricate systems that form. Eyes and the nerves to interpret sight. Ears and the nerves to interpret sound. Touch. Smell. The complex organ that is the human brain. The human heart! What makes it start? What electrical impulse begins the lifelong beat? The digestive system. All the little things that make us human – arms and legs and hands and feet and nails and hair and skin! It’s incredible to me that the fertilized egg has all of the coding in place to create a full-size human without direction or intervention. It has its marching orders and sends cells off to become skin or hair or stomach or eyes or gallbladder accordingly. Just incredible.

And so little dumpling, today is not a day that you will go unnoticed. Today I will put my hand across my abdomen and I will know you are there. I will know that you are the size of a lime and closing in on the pea pod range. I will know that you have reflexes and are already responding to outside stimuli. I will imagine your movement and I will send up a thankful little prayer that you exist. And I will eagerly await your arrival.