Pregnancy Symptoms: First Trimester Edition

This post is probably all TMI, but when has that ever stopped me? First up on the first trimester agenda: peeing while pregnant is the most unsatisfying peeing ever.

Wait! Don’t leave!! Come baaaaaack!

Let me set the scene for you. Late afternoon, a cold drink on your desk. Working away, not a care in the world when you realize, quite suddenly, that your bladder is full, very full. If you’re me, you probably want to finish that last sentence, that last email. Twenty minutes later and full becomes FULL. Off you go, dashing to the bathroom. Breeze into the stall, unzip, and – aaaahhhhhhhh. Sweet, sweet release – sweet, sweet empty bladder. Glorious. You wash your hands, feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to tackle the next cup of water.

I miss that feeling. I really do. Maybe it’s the fact that my bladder is under pressure constantly, so that empty no longer reads as “empty” to my brain,  merely “less full.” Or maybe my bladder’s capacity has shrunk. I will need to urgently pee, yet I sit down and pee for like two seconds. Whelp. That was underwhelming. Alas and alack people. I never knew I would miss peeing.

In other strange symptom news, I had always heard that pregnancy does wonders for your hair and nails. No shedding of the hairz!! No breaking of the nailz!! Glory be!! I’m here to report that I have noticed decreased shedding (which yay! because I have terribly thin and fine hair and I need all of it). My nails are the same (which isn’t saying much because, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn here, I have pretty awesome nails anyway – I thank my momma for that). However, the hair on my stomach, of all places, has taken upon itself to make up for lost time apparently. I looked down the other day and was just astounded – was this a monkey’s stomach or mine???? I immediately grabbed a razor and now make sure to pay closer attention each morning in the shower.

Overall though, I think I’ve had a fairly smooth first trimester. Some nausea and queasiness, but no vomiting. Fatigue and a touch of irritability, but, again, no vomiting. And good lord, The Hunger and the bloating, but no vomiting. (Can you tell that I’m really glad I never actually vomited??) As I near the end of the first trimester, several of these symptoms have already started to subside. I no longer go from full to hungry to STARVING AND WILL PERISH WITHOUT SUSTENANCE THIS MOMENT in …. oh about two seconds. The fatigue has diminished and I can actually make it to a respectable bedtime of 10pm or so without passing out on the couch in the middle of SVU. I still get a bit of queasiness now and then – dinner time seems to bring it out the most. But overall, a smooth first trimester*.

I’m looking forward to what the second one brings.

*Except for yesterday (aka 12w2d), when I had a backache and a headache of mystery and then I started getting sharp pulling pains on my right side. After about half an hour of that nonsense I decided to head home for the day and spent the rest of my afternoon on the couch with a heating pad. I’m feeling much better today.