Lessons Learned Part II

I broke my phone over the weekend.


I was putting it in my purse on our way out to dinner Saturday evening and didn’t quite make it. My one-month-old phone fell flat onto our kitchen floor and, though completely undamaged as far as dings or cracks, the screen no longer worked. Boo. I’ve been sorting through getting it repaired without invalidating the warranty since then. Luckily, Motorola is pretty awesome with their customer service and they’re fixing it (for a fee, of course, since the damage resulted from a drop). Still though, I should have a working phone back in about 5 business days, give or take.

In the meantime, I have Luffy’s phone and yet I feel so …. exposed? Naked? Unsure of who I am as a person??? It’s not that I would classify myself as “addicted to my phone” as I could certainly go without my apps and constant connection to social media. My main issue is that I rely on my phone as a virtual post-it note. If I have anything that I need to remember – from picking up cat food to making sure the bills are paid on time – I use my phone to do it. I set reminders for myself all the time, for everything, and I rely on them heavily. Without my phone, I’d be covered in post-its from head to toe. So right now, I constantly have the feeling that I’m forgetting something. Did I set a reminder for today? If so, what was it for? No seriously, I’m asking if you happen to know because I can’t for the life of me remember.

So yeah, hopefully nothing goes horribly un-done while I’m phone-less (I’m pretty sure I’m saving the world by pressing the button to blow up the asteroid on Thursday). Once I get my phone back, I’ll have to restart my kitten game AGAIN, but at least my pregnancy apps can be restored. I’ll miss my 12 week (!!!!!) selfie, but only by a couple of days (hopefully!). And all of my pictures were already backed up to both my SD card and Google Photos. (When I say the screen no longer worked, I meant it. Though the phone was still powered on, you could not see or do anything. All the advice I read through kept telling me to back up my data by using the Motorola app or turn off my device my selecting the power off option and I kept yelling at my computer screen that BLANK MEANS BLANK BITCHES – ahem). Anyway, always sucks when you break something valuable and fairly new through your own klutziness. At least I can get it repaired instead of buying a brand new phone.

As to the life lesson learned part: right after I broke it both Luffy and a good (phone savvy) friend of ours both told me my case was crap. Nicely of course! But still – buy a better case Belle. You see, I made the unfortunate mistake of wanting a pretty case. Pretty cases that are also protective are very hard to find. Thus I opted for a translucent aqua case that protects from scratches and maybe some low-level dings, but that’s about it. It was no match for a three foot fall onto tile. I’ve already ordered a better case (in a color that is deceptively called “rose pink” but looks more like a delightful shade of prison orange online – I’m hoping it’s better IRL) and I’m really hoping it does a better job as I’m fairly positive the odds of me dropping my phone again are high.

Moral of the story: protect your phones! Or don’t drop your phones! Or at least don’t let me handle your phone. And also go back to using post-its.