Lessons Learned

I learned an important lesson today about why you always wait to tell people the news until you’re really ready to tell everyone – even if you’re not actually telling everyone yet.

I mentioned last week that we told our friend group after the ultrasound. I’m not quite out of the first trimester yet, but everything looks good so far. I also told my fellow group fitness instructors (mainly because I needed to tell my class owner and then I told all the rest of the instructors because I was high on spilling the beans at that point). Anyway, much joy and congratulations. The following day I also told my class (again, high on spilling the beans – it’s just so freeing to be able to finally tell people). As I sat on the couch on Saturday, thumbing through the pictures I had taken of our ultrasound pics, the idea of announcing on social media crossed my mind….

And I hesitated. Not quite yet, I thought. I decided to wait until my next scan – the nuchal test scan – at 13 weeks to make it “Facebook official” as the kids say (or wait, I said that back in high school, so maybe it’s actually what the almost-thirty-year-olds say). Anyway, cue ominous music and “famous last words”…

This morning, I log onto Facebook to find that one of my fellow instructors has tagged me (and two other instructors who are also pregnant) in a Baby Center post about … I don’t know… some new utensil to make feeding a baby easier. Something like that. Not really sure as I didn’t click on the article because my very first thought was just ugh, one more piece of crap pressed on me to “simplify” my life. And then I paused a moment and realized the implications of what she had done. I’d been outed to Facebook!

dun dun DUN!

Now, I don’t really mind because (a) most of our close friends already know, (b) it’s not like the post said “OMG SO EXCITED UR KNOCKED UP” and you’d sort of have to put two and two together to even wonder if something was up, and (c) I’m announcing in a couple of weeks anyway so meh. Not a big deal. I’m not concerned at all and I didn’t reach out to her in any way. However, it does prove the point that you honestly can’t tell people until you’re really ready to share the news. The more people who know, the more chances it has of getting out in a way you don’t want or aren’t ready for. Life lessons learned and all that.

And speaking of lessons learned, or rather, of lessons not learned – I have a small confession: I did lawn work on Sunday (don’t panic! nothing too strenuous or overtaxing and it was cool and breezy outside) and my back has never been this sore in my entire life. I keep talking about how I’m sore much more often and more intensely after my usual classes, now that I’m pregnant. I’ve come to accept the fact that, for some reason, my muscles seem to be either working in a different way or just harder now (or Luffy’s thought: the baby’s taking all of the nutrients/energy that would otherwise go into repairing my muscles) and that I need to back down on the intensity level some. But for some reason, I never really applied this logic to other strenuous tasks, like lawn work for instance. To be fair to myself, I would have stopped immediately had something felt wrong or if I had gotten tired. I was worn out by the end, but in the usual just-finished-attacking-the-leaves way, you know? Nothing ever hinted at the amount of pain I would be in following the chore and I still can’t quite figure out what caused it (the bending over to pick up leaves? the trimming along the fence line?). Regardless, my entire lower back feels like it has been through the wringer. The pain radiates from my lower spine, following up and out along the bones of my hips whenever I shift or turn. Today is the first day I would describe the pain level as “moderate” and it’s Wednesday. Ouch!

Anyway, hopefully I’ve learned my lesson now as I do not want to repeat this any time soon. Now I’m off to teach class! Note to self: don’t push it. You’re pregnant, not lazy.