Happy Friday!

Good news! I did not jinx myself yesterday! Our appointment gave us a peek of a very happy, healthy baby!

The appointment was a fairly quick one today, with the ultrasound being the main item on the agenda. The baby measured too small to perform the nuchal scan test. (Not that we were surprised about this. The test is typically done between 11 and 13 weeks; I’m 10w4d today, plus the baby measured a few days smaller at our last appointment too.) I’m scheduled to go back in just over two weeks (when I’ll be 13w exactly) to have the scan done. Otherwise, the baby looks perfect. We counted two legs, two arms, an adorable little belly, and the beginnings of a beautiful face. We saw the umbilical cord and the shrinking yolk sac. My uterine cysts from last time were gone, although I do have a cyst on my ovary. We heard the heartbeat! A clear and gorgeous 166 bpm. And then, to our surprise and delight, the baby moved! So crazy, especially when the last time we checked in, the baby looked much more like a blueberry.

So yay! Exciting day. We told our good friends, via a group chat, which was dead for almost an hour after I dropped the news until suddenly everyone seemed to find out at once. A good friend called me directly and offered to host a shower for me (!). Our whole friend group is excited at the prospect of a baby! (We’re the first of our friends to reproduce.)

I also told my boss and coworker. They took the news well. My boss says he’s been expecting it for a while (I must just be at that age) whereas my coworker laughed when I told him the news and said he told his wife, just last night, that he had a hunch I was pregnant. His wife was pregnant just nine months ago, so if anyone would connect the dots, I figured it would be him. He said he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what made him think I was, but that he’d just sort of had a hunch for about ten days.

So the cat’s officially out of the bag! Woo! And yay! Happy Friday everyone!