Alert the Interwebs!

At 8w1d, I’ve hit a couple of very important milestones: pants-unbuttoning and name searching.

For the first time today, I have unbuttoned the top of my work slacks. They’re just more comfortable that way, especially as I’m sitting 99% of my work day. Technically the second button (well, they’re slacks so it’s actually one of those slide-y closure things – do they have a name for that? UPDATE: Google tells me the technical term is Hook and Bar Closure – cue The More You Know rainbow) is buttoned, so I’m only gaining about an inch of freedom, but it is a crucial inch. A very comfortable inch. So yay? Or doom? Not quite sure.

Another milestone for the baby books, Luffy and I spent a very enjoyable hour or so perusing name sites today for ideas. I’m very firmly in the camp of not picking out names until we know if we’re having a boy or girl, but it’s also fun to start looking. I feel like it will feel totally different later on in the pregnancy than right now, when everything feels very hypothetical and one-day/someday (that was a lot of feels!). I still haven’t wrapped my brain around the fact that come November – as in, THIS November! – we will have a baby in the house. A baby! Our baby! That we get to keep! So I imagine that once I get better adjusted to that, picking out a name will become less of ooh! I like that and more of I can’t imagine yelling that at my trouble-making teenager. Just a hunch though.

Oddly enough, we find ourselves drawn to Japanese names. Scrolling down the lists of top US names puts me to sleep with a few exceptions. Luffy, however, keeps throwing Japanese names at me and I really do like a lot of them. And before you say that’s perfect for our little Asian baby, let me remind you that Luffy is Chinese. So. Dishonor on you. Dishonor on your family. Dishonor on your cow. And etc.

(I’m only kidding. His parents are fine with Japanese names.)

Luffy had an awesome suggestion to give them American middle names that they can switch to, should they get tired of our weirdness and want to go by Michael or Elizabeth. Snooooore. But also, you know, probably a good idea.

(Fun name fact of the day! The Chinese do not traditionally give their children middle names. The more you know! I am just a fount of knowledge over here you guys.)

Anyway, you’re free to go now. Just wanted to put an interwebs sticky note on today.

Note to self: You unbuttoned your pants today in public. Let’s not forget that important moment. Muah!