Hungry, so hungry

So I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really having any – furtively glances around …. invades your personal space to whisper – morning sickness. I have light nausea at times and have solid hours where I feel distinctly unsettled, but nothing invasive and I haven’t actually vomited. (Yet, of course, always modified with a yet.)

I have some pronounced food aversions (broccoli, oddly enough, even though I typically love it in all its preparations) and am craving ALL OF THE DELICIOUS THINGS (queso and dumplings and noodles and McMuffins and PB&J’s, to name a few). Seriously, yesterday, on my drive home, I was craving a particular lunch circa my senior year in high school – a fast casual place where I always used to get a fajita burrito, large queso, and extra tortillas for dipping (ahhhh – to have an 18 year-old’s metabolism again). I haven’t had that meal in ages and yet, I wanted it so badly yesterday I could taste it.

My nose seems relatively fine, although there have been times that it seems to be particularly sensitive (a leftover stew, for instance, makes me gag every time I open the fridge). My boobs are sore, but not aching to the point of intervening. I don’t have much bloat, although I can already see my lower abs pushing outwards. I have moments of irritability and am quick to tear up during particularly music-swelly-soft-focusy moments, but I feel like I don’t have drastic mood swings. My fatigue still plagues me, but it’s generally getting better.

So basically, all of this to say that I’m actually feeling much better than I anticipated, especially during the first trimester. I planned to feel absolutely terrible, hoped that I’d feel only moderately awful, and wound up feeling fairly comfortable.

However, what I hadn’t anticipated was the hunger. The Hunger.

To combat the nausea and The Hunger, I’ve divided my lunch and added a snack. So I eat a handful of nuts at 10, a serving or two of spinach and a cheese stick at 12, some fruit at 2, and yogurt with a side of carrots at 4. That typically lasts me until I workout (which has always alleviated my appetite) or until I get home and can eat another snack before dinner. I’ve kept all of the these snacks small because – as unjust as it sounds to someone who has forever and ever heard that pregnancy = eating for two which, if you carry the one and divide by four, means eating for two = twice the food – I only need an extra 150 calories right now. 150 calories! My pregnancy book reminded me that could be satisfied by an apple and a serving of peanut butter. 150 calories is not a lot of calories, is what I’m saying.

Anyway, where was I? Oh right, my eating schedule. Basically, I have a snack every two hours to combat nausea and the aforementioned hunger. Except you guys, there are days when hunger becomes The Hunger. Yesterday was a perfect example. I kept to my schedule of a snack every two hours (and, most notably, kept to my prearranged snacks even though I so desperately wanted a mcmuffin at lunch and queso for dinner). And yet, my day ended up like this:

6:30am – wake up, take walk with Luffy
7:30am – breakfast
8:30am – HUNGRY
9:00am – oh fine, I’ll have my first snack now
10:00am – well, I am still hungry and I’m actually getting a touch nauseous so another snack I suppose
11:00am – STARVING
11:45am – “lunch” haha, yeah right, like spinach will cure this
1:00pm – a handful of nuts is totes healthy
3:15pm – another handful of nuts can only increase their healthiness
4:00pm – FAMISHED
4:30pm – carrots with mini guacamole to the rescue
5:00pm – RAVENOUS
5:15pm – I’ll just leave work a tad early to distract myself from my stomach
5:45pm – stomach reminds me of the delicious meal I had back in ’06
6:00pm – arrive home
6:00:30pm – open fridge
6:01pm – try to convince stomach that an apple is equally as delicious as queso
6:15pm – grab bag of Cheetos, try valiantly not to finish bag of Cheetos
6:18pm – does it count as “finished” if I left a couple of Cheetos at the bottom?
7:20pm – screw this, I’ll start dinner
7:30pm – well, this chunk of cheese is clearly too small to shred, I should eat it instead so as not to waste it
8:00pm – WASTING-AWAY- at least dinner’s almost in the oven
8:24pm – remove dinner from oven
8:24:10pm – remind self that it needs a few minutes to cool
8:25pm – Luffy’s not home yet…. eyes door …. eyes phone …. 
8:26pm – text to Luffy reads: “dinner’s ready! you on your way???”
8:27pm – get go ahead from Luffy to eat dinner without him
8:27:15pm – almost burn hands in haste to get dinner out of pan
8:27:45pm – frantically fanning first bite
8:28pm – sigh in relief, ahhhhhh foooooooood
8:35pm – finish comically over sized portion of dinner, feel satiated for the first time all day
9:45pm – told to Luffy as I’m getting up from the couch: “I’m hungry, so I’m going to bed”

And yeah. That was my day. Hungry, is how I would sum it up. So hungry.


3 thoughts on “Hungry, so hungry

  1. I am a little slow off the mark, but CONGRATULATIONS! It sounds as though we have had very similar experiences (infertility) and are now also finding it very difficult to snap out of the “infertile” mindset and move into the “pregnant” mindset. Good luck over the next few months. I really hope things work out.

    As for your current post, I am 100% with you on the hunger. I know the whole “eating for two” thing is a myth and you’re only supposed to have an extra 300 cals further on in your pregnancy, but OMG I simply CANNOT stop eating! I think it is quite a common side-effect. You’re certainly not alone!x

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    • Thanks! And good luck to you too! I’ve read that hunger is one of the symptoms that should ease up as we head into the second trimester. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will lighten up by then!


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