I wanted to expand on something I mentioned yesterday. While the scale technically says I haven’t gained any weight, my body is already changing and it’s taken me by surprise a bit. I knew that the belly wouldn’t appear until around the second trimester mark, and while I always knew that it wouldn’t just magically pop out overnight (a sort of zero-to-sixty situation), it never really occurred to me that the process starts pretty much immediately.

Some background information first: As I’ve alluded to all over the place, I’m actually a bit of an exercise fanatic and I teach group fitness classes as a side-job/hobby. I’ve also dealt with some body issues thanks to an abusive ex and a natural pre-disposition for judging myself extra super harshly (pardon my highly technical term). But I also take a lot of pride in my body and am pleased to say that I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m very happy with the way I look. I’ve been blessed with some good genetics, so that, with a lot of determination and will power, has left me with a very toned, athletic body. (And before you ask, yes I’m a little nervous as to what pregnancy will do to my body. I’m just hoping that being in good shape before will help me bounce back after.)

So what’s happened to that well toned body at just 6 weeks and a few days in? My lower abs have already pushed out at least an inch or so. Not so much that it’s noticeable to other people, but I can definitely tell. They’re making room for my uterus (which has almost doubled in size at this point!). Now, don’t get me wrong, I can contract my abs back the way they were and no one’s the wiser, but their new default position is just a tad out of alignment. I look oddly distended, like a pro-muscle man dude – there’s abs but there’s also distention. Strange.

Another change that I can already spot: water retention. In the morning, I look perfectly normal (save the distended abs), but by evening I have so much bloat I can hardly recognize my stomach as my own. And while it’s still flat (so again, not noticeable to anyone other than me), it’s smushy and bulgey, like I lost all definition during the day. This happens regardless of what I eat or how much I eat.

I’m curious to see what will continue to subtly change over the next six weeks.