Can we just call this entry 100?

I so wish I had planned this out better. Today is the one year anniversary of this little site and it’s almost my 100th post too. Alas, I’m only at 99 posts. Can we just pretend that it’s 100 so I can have a ONE YEAR – ONE HUNDRED POSTS EXTRAVAGANZA?? No? Oh, well then, moving right along.

Today was my first prenatal appointment with my OB/GYN. It was glorious in the fact that I finally got to answer that yes! I’m pregnant!! when he came into the examination room (he always says to me so, not pregnant yet? whenever I came in for infertility treatments). Luffy came with me for moral support and here are the highlights:

  • I officially weigh less now than at my last infertility appointment. I am shocked as I have been nothing but hungry since I got pregnant. Mind you it’s only a pound or two, but still – go me! On a related note, I talked to my mom and she said she never really dealt with any nausea or morning sickness, which calms some of my fears. If I’m truly looking at a pregnancy without morning sickness I’m elated, but also a tad worried re: THE HUNGER.
  • Luffy got to witness a pelvic exam…. sorry about that honey. But thanks for holding my pants.
  • My doctor scared me a bit because he originally quoted 5w2d to me and I was like eep! what happened to the past week!! I told him that I thought I was 6w3d. Suffice to say, there must have been some confusion/mix-up. He agreed with my count.
  • We got a sonogram! We saw our little dumpling for the first time. S/he looked remarkably similar to a blueberry. The sonogram dated the pregnancy at 5w6d.
  • We also saw a tiny flickering heartbeat during the sonogram. Which, awe, go blueberry!
  • The ultrasound tech also noticed several cysts, all of which were much larger than the baby itself. She said not to worry about them (and my doctor agreed) and that they would just keep an eye on them as the pregnancy continues.

So yeah! Fun day. Plus I went to give a half dozen vials of blood for testing. We’ll have those results soon. Otherwise, just keep being healthy and active and hope for the best! Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I’ll go celebrate my ONE YEAR – (faux) ONE HUNDRED POSTS EXTRAVAGANZA by myself. Well, myself and Ben & Jerry. Carry on!


2 thoughts on “Can we just call this entry 100?

  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary of your site! And Congratulations on all the good pregnancy news! While I have heard the heartbeat for my little one, my first sonogram will be this Friday and I can’t wait- it’s nice to hear your appointment went so well! 🙂


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