6W and feeling fine

I’ve come to love Mondays over the past couple of weeks because it means I get to flip that mental card in my head to the next week. I am six full weeks along today, halfway through the first trimester, and I’ve come today to confess that I don’t feel terrible.

In fact, I feel pretty darn good. True, I am fatigued – way more than usual and in an I-can’t-find-my-droopy-eyelids kind of way. (On a side note, Luffy loves LOVES to sleep and he’s delighted that I’m now more in line with his schedule. We have a ridiculously early bedtime and I sleep straight through till morning except that I totally wake up to pee.) I’ve also been slightly irritable the past couple of days, much like PMS. Oh, and I’ve been hungry pretty much every hour, on the hour, regardless of when or what my most recent meal was.

But I keep reading about food aversions and sensitivity to smells and nausea and heartburn and crying jags and needing to pee again/again/again/IJUSTPEEDOMG and I don’t have any of that. Yet. And it’s kind of making me nervous.

Welcome to pregnancy – land of the competing neurosis.

My pregnancy books are quick to reassure their readers that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy and that, in fact, women with morning sickness have a lower chance of miscarriage. But! (they quickly assure me) A lack of morning sickness does not necessarily mean an unhealthy pregnancy. I feel like they may just be trying to reassure all the puking pregnant ladies out there, but it doesn’t do too much to ease my fears.

Now, most of my resources say that nausea typically sets in between the six and seven week mark, so I might just be prematurely freaking out. Perhaps Wednesday I’ll write to tell you all to hold the phones because I am dashing to the nearest plumbing receptacle. Eh. Maybe. We’ll see what the week has in store.

(And how weird is this? Never in my life have I actively wished to feel worse. Like, I would gain so much assurance if I were just a bit sicker. Even just a gag or two. That’s all I ask! A few urps and questionable burps, is all.)

Other than this whole gestating business, our weekend was fairly uneventful – full of boring household chores and resting. I taught a back-to-back class Saturday morning and felt very justified when I opened a fresh pint of gelato that afternoon (chocolate cookie dough, btw, and yes it was delicious. I have an appointment with the leftovers as soon as I get home from exercise tonight). Now it’s back to work and counting down the days until Thursday (my first prenatal appointment).