Germs and Missed Connections

One of my coworkers left early today because he very suddenly came down with some sort of stomach virus. Now I can’t stop washing my hands and avoiding physical contact with the fridge handle and door knobs. It puts me at heightened awareness for all the things I touch and then handle and then touch (like conference chair plus keyboard plus face or coworker’s desk plus water cup plus mouth). I conjure up a fitting scene from Scrubs – that one where the terrible intern is finally let go “before he really harms someone” and he ends up giving that sweet old lady some horrible illness because he picked up a contaminated glove and then gave her a hug on the way out. And you can just see the virus spread with the help of a handy visual aid: a green-tinged cloud of disease. I picture that going on at my office right now.

I hate when this happens – when you suddenly find yourself in close contact with someone who is contagiously ill. I spend the entire rest of the day wishing I could just step into one of those decontamination showers and then walk around in a hazmat suit. I don’t want to catch what you have – keep that pestilence at home.

It’s not even really his fault really. He said he felt perfectly fine all morning and then took a turn for the worse halfway through a company-wide meeting. In other words, it’s not like he knowingly came to work feeling bad. Although, he did say his roommate had something similar earlier this week so maybe it is his fault.

In other news – the CD that I have waited almost two months for – that I first gushed about because I could purchase it directly from Japan – that CD…. it’s been lost in the mail.


Sort of ironic, really, since the only reason you guys know about it in the first place is that I was all impressed that I could even purchase it. There’s no tracking on it, obviously, since it was a very small purchase, so we have no idea where it went off course. The shop owners were very nice and promptly (and without prompting) gave me a full refund (since they didn’t have another copy of the CD to send me) and 10% off my next order. So, as it turns out, I can purchase something from Japan all I want, but getting it here is a different story. Noted.

That’s all I have today folks. Pregnancy fatigue has hit me hard and the math of one meeting-from-hell, multiplied by four hours, plus one freaking-out-over-potential-stomach-bug has left me with zero (0) energy. Now go wash your hands! And if you happen to get a NICO Touches the Wall CD in your mail, could you forward it to me? Thanks.