Civic Duty

Well that was a bit of a letdown.

I had jury duty this morning. As I’m sitting here writing at half past twelve, rather than in a courtroom, you can imagine that it went well.

True to form, I put a lot of planning and thought into my outing this morning. I picked out a particular outfit (comfortable, professional, cool). I packed a bag so that I could take a book and my iPad (which I actually wasn’t going to bring but needed it later in the day and didn’t want to leave in  my car). I packed a small bottle of water and a snack. I planned on leaving the house at 7:30, knowing that I would actually get out the door several minutes after that (which I did).

I arrived at the parking garage at precisely 8:17 this morning and found a parking space rather quickly thanks to my previous knowledge of the garage. I made my way up to the main level and followed the signs for the courthouse. I went through security and checked in with jury services then made my way through the giant room to an empty row of chairs. I had the good fortune of picking a seat that happened to be in a breezeway from the exit (it was rather warm in the jury holding room). I sat down at precisely 8:28 and congratulated myself on my stupendous planning skills (yay for neurosis and super good worrying skillz!!!!)

The civic duty video started shortly after I sat down and absolutely cracked me up. All about how being on a jury was the highest honor and so interesting and so important. Blah de blah de blah. Once that ended, a judge got up and gave another rousing speech regarding civic duty (good) and lying (bad). He actually was rather funny and an excellent speaker. Once he got done, a guy from jury services got up and went through some more instructions and then called 20 specific participants for the first jury. Off they went. It was 10:00. The jury services guy then announced to the rest of the room that we would break until 10:35.

So I went to the restroom and read my book until 10:35. Luffy pinged me at 10:40 to tell me our current favorite show was just confirmed for a second season (yay!!) and we chatted about how everything was going.

At 11:00 the jury services guy came back into the room and announced that the courts had no need for juries that day; we were all dismissed. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

So yeah, that was it. Nothing too bad or too dramatic. Didn’t even see the inside of a courtroom. Not bad for my first jury summons.

It’s not even 1 in the afternoon today and I’m already calling it a marvelous day. I got dismissed from jury services at 11am. My favorite show is starting a second season in the summer. I basically got an extra hour to read this morning (I’m almost to the end of a library book). I didn’t need to swap or sub out my exercise class this evening.

And I got a positive ovulation reading this morning.

(Like how I just slipped that in there? Wish us luck!!)