Mystery Woman

The other day I was browsing through Facebook when I saw a wedding picture: the bride surrounded by her 11 (eleven!!!) bridesmaids. I didn’t recognize the bride, but a friend from high school was tagged, standing at her side in a gorgeous red dress. Curious, I clicked on the name of the guy tagged in the picture, figuring I’d be able to place him as a classmate (also figuring he was the groom). To my surprise, it actually turned out to be the dad of a girl I used to teach dance to way back when. (She was about 11 or 12 when I last taught her. I remember it being really strange that her dad friended me on Facebook, but he did it right after a recital so I figured he wanted to share pictures. He didn’t. It was a little creepy. And then he turned out to be one of those really annoying, vocal people so I unfollowed him and sort of forgot that we are even still friends. Moving on….) When I looked back at the picture of the bride and her bridesmaids, I was able to recognize the 12-year-old girl in the mature redhead on the end. What a trip! She looked beautiful and I had half a mind to comment, but didn’t want to hijack this poor bride’s pics.

I continue to scroll on through my feed and came across pictures of another high school friend with her husband (who we also went to high school with) at a formal event. On the third picture in the cluster, I realized that it must be a wedding and was shocked to find that the groom was the same groom from the earlier pictures. Hmmmmm….

So now this meant that I was friends with a bridesmaid, a groomsman, and a guest, and I used to teach one of the bridesmaids…. who was this bride? She didn’t look familiar. Her name wasn’t helpful because it was very generic (think Lauren or Brittany). I clicked on mutual friends and realized that we had several in common, including some ladies I positively idolized as a sophomore and junior (and therefore knew a lot about). How did I not know this woman?! I clicked around until I could find her maiden name and was frustrated to find that it was no help either.

I have no idea who she is. Does that ever happen to you? In this day of Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to find who your friends’ friends are. It’s always fun to see connections. (I recently realized a high school crush of mine now knows a high school friend. Just interesting.) This also means that you can come across people who, by all reason, you should know. I mean, this girl is friends with several of my high school friends, yet I have no recollection of her in high school. Did she just happen to meet a lot of them afterwards? But then that doesn’t make sense because some of the mutual friends (the ladies I idolized) moved far away after high school. So she has to be from high school. But who is she?!?!

Gah – it’s going to drive me crazy.