And now, a few random thoughts

Nothing much going on around here, so I have no full-length post today. Rather, I present a collection of random thoughts and we’ll see where it takes us. You on board?

I had a mythical dinner-prep experience this past Sunday. The unicorns of dinner-prep, if you will. I was putting off making anything. I knew we needed to use up some lesser-loved ingredients. I wanted it to be simple, since it was Sunday evening, but also tasty, since it was still technically the weekend. I wanted clean-up to be simple. I wanted to be able to eat it out of a bowl, since I was hours-deep into my latest binge-worthy show. To top it all off, I was bored with my go-to recipes and thus needed something fresh.

And then. I got into the kitchen and everything flowed like wine. The salmon came together with a quick marinade that was thick enough to stay put like a sauce. The pea shoots, ever easy, sauteed perfectly. The noodles, dressed in a light blend of sesame oil and rice wine vinegar, turned out beautifully. No recipes needed. No measuring cups. No complicated prep. Though, to be fair, I did use several pots/pans. Once done, I piled it all into large bowls and served it up in under 20 minutes – start to finish. Then Luffy declared it delicious and polished off every bite, including some of mine.

See? The unicorn of dinner-prep experiences. I wish every dinner were like it.

Confession: I am obsessed with an adorable little app called Neko Atsume. First off, and perhaps most importantly for me, it’s free! It’s an adorable little app where you “collect” cats by putting out toys and treats and beds and stuff. Then they give you presents so that you can buy more toys and treats and beds and stuff and collect more cats. So simple! So addictive! I check in on them at least four or five times a day.

I still haven’t gotten my CD yet and I’m getting a little antsy now that I’m approaching it’s official delivery window. YouTube thinks I’m crazy because I’ve listened to that one song four or five dozen times and it hasn’t gotten old and I’m still so excited about my purchase.

Luffy is out of town again today. It’s his last trip for a while, so I’m happy about that. Although, to be perfectly honest, it’s also been sort of nice to have the house to myself for a while. Because I have a not-insignificant commute, I leave the house before Luffy in the morning and then get home later than him in the evening. This gives him almost two hours of solitude at home, each day, not counting the fact that he works close enough to home to have lunch at home every day. And on the weekends, if he’s out and about, I’m with him. So basically, I never get any alone time at the house. And I’m a person who likes some alone time. I have really enjoyed it this past week. I miss him when he’s gone, but it’s nice and quiet at the house.

My exercise place is having a challenge right now: attend 30 classes in 35 days for a t-shirt and BRAGGING RIGHTS. I mean, hello, that’s exercising six days a week for five weeks, you totally deserve to brag a little after that. And this is a class, I should say, so it’s a minimum of 60 minutes working out – no cheating by showing up, piddling around for a little, and then leaving. I want to participate so badly for the BRAGGING RIGHTS, but I can’t. Le boo. It’s a two-fold issue really. I live about half an hour away from the center (I’d have to explain the whole thing to you, but basically I make this big triangle from work to center to home. I actually spend less time in traffic on the nights I teach as compared to the nights I drive straight home from work. But I digress…) so this means that the hour class doesn’t take an hour of my time, it takes two. Almost two and half, if you factor the wait time for class to start. And that’s just too much time to be committing to six days a week for five weeks.

The other issue is that we’re in the midst of a Clomid cycle. My ovulation is already exceedingly flighty, as is. The last thing my body needs is for me to suddenly almost double the frequency of my workouts.

But still. Boo. BRAGGING RIGHTS will have to go to someone else.

Speaking of Clomid, I think I’m gonna start ovulation testing tomorrow. I’m technically scheduled to start testing Friday, which is day 12 and also five days after my last dose. In other words, that’s the “official” first chance at ovulation. But I always start getting nervous that I’ll miss it if I wait too long. Even though the last time Clomid worked, I ovulated on day 17, way late into the cycle, I still don’t think I’ll be able to wait until Friday. And then I realized that I have exactly one leftover cheap test, so guess what’s gonna be used tomorrow morning?

That’s all I’ve got for today folks. Luffy and I are headed to Napa for the weekend for a friend’s 30th birthday, so I’m sure I’ll have drunken shenanigans to report next week. Until then!