Can we talk about buying meds?

So. I picked up my newest prescription of clomid this morning and I have to say I am more confused than ever. 

My biggest complaint with the medical instustry is how opaque the billing process is. Why can’t you just walk into a clinic and see a list of prices? If I’m getting a check up, I should know how much it’s going to cost up front. If I’m getting a couple of shots and having my blood drawn, I should know how much it’s going to cost up front. Same with pharmacies. It drives me crazy that there’s this black curtain between the actual cost and what you end up paying. Plus, I for one tend to think that all doctors charge the same rate for appointments and whatnot, but I have a feeling that’s not actually the case. I love my doc, but if she’s charging $100+ more for ten minutes of her time than my neighborhood clinic, I at least have the right to know and decide if I, comfortable with that. 

As a perfect example, I paid $25 more for my current round of clomid than my last. 

I did change insurance plans, to be fair. However, both plans are with the same company, they are both high deductible plans, and fertility drugs are not covered under either. So what gives? 

(And before you point out that my prescription changed, let me assure you that I actually ended up getting the exact same thing. Last time, they gave me two rounds of 50mg pills in one fill – so ten 50mg pills. This time they gave me one round of 100mg in one fill – so ten 50mg pills. I guess they don’t have 100mg pills???)

I just. I have no idea. 


I got so worked up about it that I called the pharmacy just now. Apparently this new insurance plan, which was supposed to be exactly like the old one, is actually not. Clomid was (amazingly) covered under my last one. But not under this one. Bull shit, I say. WTH. 

At least I know it was a legitimate price increase now. 

I still can’t stand how you get billed for medical stuff after it happens. I wish the health care reform would have forced insurance companies and clinics to produce a transparent price list and stick to it. 


4 thoughts on “Can we talk about buying meds?

  1. Yeah… I work in the field and can honestly say on my end (nurse in cardiology) the cost is a big mystery to us too. I think they really have a racket there.

    Also, Clomid only comes in 50 mg tablets. An increased dose just means and increased number of pills at one time I’m currently doing 150 mg – so 3 pills at once.


  2. Agreed with you 100%. It’s so confusing. The prescriptions have been difficult and I nearly need a rocket scientist to match my EOB’s with my office visits. I even caught a major error at the pharmacy once where they overcharged a couple hundred dollars due to something not showing up the way it was supposed to on the insurance end of things. Maybe someday they’ll reform this. For now, I commiserate! Best of luck to you.

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    • Exactly! Even our change in insurance is a perfect example of the problems with health care. We were told they were very similar. To our (albeit untrained) eye, they were identical. It’s enough to drive you crazy!

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