Back to the trenches

After a brief respite yesterday, I’m back to the trenches of work. Always busy.

Yesterday, however, was glorious. Luffy began work (today) at a new firm and he had Monday and Tuesday off. I took Tuesday off too so that we could just pal around together. And that’s exactly what we did. Luffy goofed off on the internet all day; I goofed off on Netflix all day. (Mind you we were in the same room, which is basically the only essential piece for us. We don’t necessarily have to be doing the same thing, as long as we’re both doing it in the same general space.) We had pho for dinner and PB&Js for lunch. Wonderful day. Unfortunately, today, it’s back to reality.

Luffy, at least, gets to start a new career. Should be fun. The only downside is that the firm is based in another state which means he has a lot of travel to do initially (which should calm down to about once a month afterwards). So tonight, for the first time in almost a year, we won’t be sleeping in the same bed (it’s been since this happened). I feel like such a wuss when I complain about that because, clearly, I survived for almost 25 years sleeping on my own. But now. Now I’ve grown accustomed to Luffy being there. His very presence soothes me and I’m bummed at the prospect of several nights alone. (For the record, I’m totally just whining right now. I know, in the grand scheme of things, a few nights apart are nothing compared to the couples who travel all the time or do long-distance or something. But still ….. waaaahhh.)

In other news, I’m almost to the end of my latest round of hormones and I’m happy to report that this round seems to be going just fine! Totally lends credence to my theory that the side effects were compounding each month (I really do remember my first round in August being nearly symptom free. Then the mood swings and itching hit with the next few rounds, getting increasingly worse.) Anyway, I’m hoping that I can keep those symptoms at bay just a few days longer!

My follow up appointment is scheduled for Friday morning, so I’ll have more to report on the Clomid front then. In the meantime, give those loved ones a hug and keep your fingers crossed that I remain blissfully un-itchy and non-moody!