Wonders of the Internet

As an almost thirty-year-old, I grew up right as the internet was becoming a thing. I remember dial-up and AOL and instant messenger in grade school (although mostly at my friend’s house because my Dad disapproved of IM). I remember having to get off the internet because someone needed to make a phone call. In high school and college, I did a lot of research for projects and papers online, but I also still went to the library. I had numerous teachers who had not fully embraced the web yet and required a certain number of sources be in print. And now I’m sitting at my desk with several internet tabs open, my work email that receives hundreds of emails a day but a work phone that hardly rings, my (cell) phone’s at my desk and my iPad’s in my drawer, and I’m writing all of this down so that lovely strangers all over the globe can read it. In the midst of all of this wonderful technology that I’ve become reliant upon, I occasionally still manage to do something that amazes me.

This weekend I purchased a CD. On Amazon. From Japan. For $11.

You see, I’m re-watching one of Luffy’s favorite anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The first four seasons happen to be on Netflix right now and it’s been a few years since I watched them, so I dived right in. I usually don’t go for them for daily watching (you know, where I’m essentially using the TV for background noise as I dick around on the internet) because I prefer the Japanese voice actors and therefore have to read the subtitles. Which makes the whole thing more involved. Plus the story’s not exactly lighthearted. (On a side note, it’s somewhat refreshing, in a way, to have to focus on one thing. I’m so used to having multiple forms of entertainment now – I have Netflix on while I’m browsing Buzzfeed on my iPad and checking on my kitty game on my phone.)

Anyway, I watched several hours worth of the show over the weekend and on Saturday night (after a shared bottle of wine), Luffy and I went down a rabbit hole of anime title songs. We watched several, hilarious, videos and then Luffy brought up the one for Fullmetal’s second season opener: Hologram by NICO Touches the Walls. I already loved the shortened version, but absolutely fell in love with the full length version. I quickly discovered which album the song had been on and off I went to Amazon to purchase the CD. Except, they wanted $40 for it – for an album that was at least five years old. Ebay was no better. Luffy reminded me about the option to buy used merchandise through Amazon. And that’s how I ended up buying a CD from Japan.

After I purchased it Sunday morning, I had this moment of wonder. I just bought a CD from Japan! What kind of crazy life is this?  Before you know it I’ll be flying around on my hoverboard and the year will be 2015….. er… wait a minute.

Even more, the shop contacted me Sunday, to make sure that I was aware that the DVD included with the CD was a region 2 DVD. Through the power of email and (probably) Google Translate, some Japanese shop owner was asking me a question to ensure that I would be satisfied with my purchase.

Just incredible.

Can’t wait for my CD. In the meantime, I’ll be humming along to myself and lamenting the fact that the band hasn’t discovered Spotify yet. Cause can you even imagine? I could stream it and wouldn’t even have to wait the three to six weeks for it to be shipped across the ocean!! INSTANT GRATIFICATION