I’m Back!! *coughwheezehack*

First order of business: Happy New Year!

And also: A Belated Merry Christmas!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday week. Ours was pretty good except that I was really, really sick for the entire time – wah wah – so that put a damper on things.

My parents came into town Thursday evening and we enjoyed a delicious meal (Chinese Braised Short Ribs) and some drinks (champagne, of course). I woke up on Christmas morning at a ridiculous 5am, wide awake, and chalked it up to Christmas excitement, but I didn’t feel quite right. My chest hurt a bit. By 7am, I was exhausted, but thought it was because I had been up since 5. All day I sort of wavered between am I starting to get sick or maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep or maybe my beloved champagne has, for the first time ever, left me with a champagne hangover. When I got up Saturday, to teach my normal exercise class, I felt well-rested but sure that I was coming down with something. blugh

think it started out as something viral, maybe a short cold or mild case of the flu (since I’ve had a shot), but it quickly morphed into a hellish sinus infection. By the time I caught on to the fact that it was a sinus infection, it was far too late. I visited my doctor and got the appropriate meds, but the pressure was unbearable. I was technically supposed to work Monday through Wednesday, but kept having to call email in sick. They probably think I caught some horrible case of pneumonia or something, rather than an extended bought of skull-crushing sinus pressure and serious fatigue.

Anyway, I’m finally feeling better, but it did shorten all of our holiday plans. My mom and I couldn’t do much of the baking we had planned and I had to rely on her to make many of the meals. We did get to see Star Wars, but only because we purchased the tickets a week in advance AND I took a two hour nap beforehand AND Luffy had us bring two cars so that he and I could leave early if I needed. Our New Years plans were very quiet – we had my brother and a couple of friends over to our house for champagne. Luffy’s also been so sweet, taking care of me for the past week. He’s made all of my meals and basically forced me to nap and lay on the couch until I felt better.

So I hope your holidays were a tad bit better than mine! Although, tbh, I can’t complain all that much since I still got to see my parents and enjoy some family time.