Counting down the days

That’s me. That’s what I’m doing right now. I technically have three two and a half days of work left and I am already so over them it’s not even funny. I am done. DONE I TELL YOU. I keep making comments about “working” from home the rest of the week, but my coworkers laugh and I try to pretend I was joking.

It didn’t help that I got in this morning and everyone in my office was being all productive and shit. Didn’t y’all get the memo about Christmas being this week!! I swear the admin sent it out on Friday….

Alack and alas, I have two and a half days to appear productive. To get up in the morning and put pants on. To not eat one or all of the 1,325,749 cookies/sweets/snacks we have in our kitchen at work right now. True story*.

I’ve already planned the menu for this weekend with my parents. There will be braised short ribs and sous vide steak and morning bread pudding (with caramel!). There will be chocolate chip cookies and linzer cookies and brownies. There will be champagne and wine and whiskey. There will be Star Wars! There will be so many, many delicious thing and so many, many wonderful moments and I want them all RIGHTNOW.

*My office is very small. We have fourteen people who are routinely in the office. And all of our vendors and business contacts seem to forget this during the holiday season. We get cookie baskets with cookies for literally 50 people. We get actual trunks filled with crackers and cheeses and meats and chocolates. We get candy and toffee and more cookies no more than that. And many places will send something to each of our three partners – and all of that winds up in the kitchen. So we have three baskets of cookies and three trunks of snacks and fourteen boxes of toffee since they sent one to every person in the office. There is probably a metric ton of sugar in our kitchen right now, just waiting to be eaten and turned into those four or five pounds of “holiday weight” we all struggle to lose each year. There is no hope! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES…. or at least for your hip and thigh region.